Google Announces and Deploys 4 New Features ​​insights Tool!

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Google Announces and Deploys 4 New Features ​​insights Tool!

Until now Google  ​​Insights was a very popular tool for webmasters. SEOs and developers for the recommendations given about optimizing.  The loading time of a mobile and desktop web page only downside. The tool only offered an optimization score from 0 to 100 and no indication of the actual loading time of the web page in seconds. To remedy this.  Google has just updated its free online tool with 4 new features including a brand new speed score. The new version of Google PageSpeed ​​Insights will now use data from the

1- A new speed score displayed in addition to the optimization score on PageSpeed ​​Insights page speed insights speed score Preview of the brand new speed score on PageSpeed ​​Insights The new speed score (not yet available for all tested web pages), indicates karachi mobile numbers list  whether a web page is fast, average or slow on mobile and desktop. Concretely, this new score is calculated using the median value of two statistics now tested by the tool: the First Contentful Paint ( FCP ) and the DOM Content Loaded ( DCL ). If both data are in the first third of their category,

 Updated Mobile and Desktop Optimization Score

The tool will now also display, when the data is available.  The First Contentful Paint in seconds as well as the DOM Content Loaded in seconds.  The updated mobile and desktop optimization score the old optimization score did not take into account. The fact that a developer may wish to keep their page looking and functioning the same after the optimizations. Offered by PSI have been made from now on the new mobile and desktop optimization score will take this into account.

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A new Page Load Distributions section added to PSI distributions loading page speed insights.  The  Page Load Distributions  section shows the distribution of FCP and DCL page events in the dataset. These events are categorized as fast first tier  medium second tier  and slow third tier. Compared to all events in the Chrome User Experience Report. 4- A new section. Page statistics is born statistics page speed insights then the web page will be considered “Fast” by the new version of PageSpeed ​​Insights.

Load Distributions Section Added to Psi

The new  Page Stats section shows the loops needed to load the page-blocking resources.  And the total number of bytes used by the page, compared to the average number of loops and bytes used in the page data set. This new data can reveal whether a page would  faster if the developer changed. The way it looks and works Google Chrome experience report to enrich the recommendations made to developers. Summary :

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