Google a Reminder of Good Practices for Guest Articles

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Google a Reminder of Good Practices for Guest Articles

Google recently published an article that reviews best practices for guest blogging. Partner articles, and related link acquisition practices. Here is a reminder of what Google recommends that you do in terms of guest articles if you do not want to be the next victim of a manual action penalizing the SEO of your site. Google has reportedly recently. A resurgence in SEO interest in guest and partner posts as part of their link building strategies. These articles, generally written by one site and published on another, may violate Google’s quality guidelines in certain cases that we will summarize and remind you here.

Guest articles and partners: what Google penalizes manually All authors of partner and guest articles. Here is a reminder of the factors that, taken to the extreme. Are against the quality guidelines set by Google and can be the cause of a manual action. Add external links  hospital email list  to your site on over-optimized anchors from this type of article Publish the same article on different different sites (or an article with few variations). Publish many articles, on the same site or on several sites. Which all make optimized links to your site Use writers who do not master their subject to write this type.

of Article Give Permission to a Site to Fully Duplicate the Content

An article in exchange for a backlink without adding Guest blogging best practices recommended by Google Overall. Google does not penalize the practice of guest-blogging. When this approach is carried out correctly with quality content and quality external links boosting of the mesh site). Google says that quality guest posts are those that aim to: To inform or educate users of another site. To promote a cause or a company on another site A warning also valid for sites that publish low-quality guest articles In its article.


Google also wanted to remind websites that agree to publish this type of article that they themselves suffer from. The publication of low-quality guest articles whose main objective is to add a or several links to an external site in order to promote its referencing. Google indeed indicated that when sites of this type are detected this type of practice affect perceived quality. And thus negatively impact their SEO positions and traffic . The search engine therefore recommends once again to webmasters to add outgoing links judged as “doubtful. A wave of manual actions to be expected after this reminder?

It Cannot Be Ruled Out That This Reminder Announces

The imminent arrival of a wave of manual actions on sites that use this type of article in a significant way in their strategy of netlinking. This reminder could also announce the upcoming manual penalization of many sites that publish this type of article.  SEO professionals so that they are more vigilant about this type of practice and forget. To adopt the best practices advocated by Google to avoid any manual action.

As a reminder, Google will penalize from 2018 all sites that broadcast advertisements that do not comply with Better Ads standards . In its ongoing effort to offer an optimal user experience to Internet users who use its search engine. Google has just presented a new tool that will allow site publishers to know if their advertising formats comply with. The Better Ads standards (set of standards for better ads) recommended by Google. Detection of advertising formats that do not comply with Better Ads standards.

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