Google a Major Axis of Development for the Company Which

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Google a Major Axis of Development for the Company Which

Will focus many of its investments in the future in this advanced technology. This moz study presented in an infographic reflects the thinking of more than 150 seo professionals. These experts were questioned on the factors. Which according to them, will have more or less weight in the future in the positioning factors used by google to bring websites up. The first page of the natural results of its search engine. Here are the results of this study on seo positioning factors. Which should gain in importance in 2016: infographic evolution seo 2016. So what should be the evolutions of seo in 2016?

According to these experts, here are the positioning factors that will be more important in 2016: 88% of them agree that mobile compatibility will be an even more important positioning factor in 2016 than today 81% of these experts also believe that the overall analysis of Netherlands whatsapp number list perceived value of a site or page will be even more topical in 2016 67% think that the statistics which prove the interest of an internet user, such as the ctr (click-through rate), the duration of the visit or the number of pages viewed, will have more impact in 2016 vs currently . 67% of those same respondents believe user experience will play a bigger role in seo in the

Months and Years to Come 65% Believe That Structured

Data will have much more weight in the future when it comes to google choosing which site to place on its page 1 . 58% of these experts still think that the loading time of the site will be more important in 2016 (despite the development of 4g and the improvement of internet connections). 56% of them believe that https will be even more important than. Today 50% of these experts also think that the specialization of a site on a semantic niche will have more weight. In the future on its positioning in the natural results of google which positioning factors should neither gain nor lose importance in 2016.

The fact that the websites that link to your site are in themes close to yours should neither gain nor lose importance in 2016 surprisingly, social signals should not have more impact on seo in 2016 according to these professionals (i personally think on the contrary that it is a criterion that will increase in power). The internal linking and its optimization should not gain importance in 2016 (this factor remains very important for the optimization of the crawl of google). Which current seo ranking factors are expected to lose importance in 2016? The anchor text of incoming links ( backlink ) should once again lose its importance in 2016

So It Will Increasingly Unnecessary to

Add optimized anchors to your links (beyond the fact that it has already been since some time. The best solution to get penalized by google penguin ) paid links should also. According to these experts, have less impact on rankings in the future in 2016 (keep in mind, however. That there are many ways to buy links and that some ways are much cleaner and look much. More natural than others)despite google’s many recommendations to properly protect your website from hackers. It is still very difficult not to be vulnerable to an attack. Thus, many websites considered legitimate by google are regularly hacked by spammers to post content and pages. Whose sole purpose will be deceive the internet user into downloading malware.

To redirect the internet user to sites of very poor quality. To redirect to shops to buy drugs or medicines illegally marketed online by unscrupulous sites. All websites are vulnerable to these attacks whether government sites, university sites, small showcase sites or e-commerce stores. Spammers stop at nothing to try to place their malicious content on the sites. Internet of their targets. What are the impacts of this new google update against pirated content? Read also: the 2015 seo positioning factors explained to respond to these increasingly frequent practices,

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