Good Starting Point To Develop

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Good Starting Point To Develop

By looking in a methodical way at a more nuanced palette of possible visions for the future, we often gain a better understanding of alternative perspectives. Future scenarios can help us anticipate Egypt Phone Number List the opportunities and challenges ahead. It makes the future more tangible and therefore imaginable. It also helps people to think about which parts of these scenarios are desirable.

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In this the possible paths leading to this desired image can  mapp out. If we want to understand our future, cracking genomes and crunching numbers is hardly enough. We must also decipher the fictions that give meaning to the world Yuval Noah Harari Based on extensive research (literature study, expert interviews, and scenario workshops.

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Egypt Phone Number List

The Foundation for the Future of Technology developed 5 different future scenarios. It has  decid to place the time frame on the year 2035. This year is not intended to make concrete predictions. The aim is precisely to be able to imagine different futures, not to predict a future picture. Also read Artificial intelligence: the most important facts & developments.

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