God Bless China – Why you’ll Make extra money In China And Australia Than The USA Back to the past

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God Bless China – Why you’ll Make extra money In China And Australia Than The USA Back to the past

You may also recall reading a newsletter with information on who the world’s biggest oil companies were (refer to “Invest News” August 2005) and the way they spent their money diversifying into other industries. The “common sense” belief that higher oil prices would make oil companies go broke, could also be commonly held… this does not mean that it’s true….Oil goes up, buy more oil…
Huh? Since the article was written, the worth of oil (and petrol) has continued to rise at a huge rate. The profits of oil companies have increased Ecuador phone number list dramatically, as has their share price. Did you purchase into any oil companies? Prices on fuels and lubricants have risen by 21%, so did we all buy 20% less oil? Nope, we bought 18% MORE.
The oil companies don’t just have us over a barrel; they need us over many barrels each day … Did you purchase into oil companies yet?
See the Past, now check out the Now
OK, so you’ve the message about the oil companies. just like the dinosaurs that they obtain , these huge juggernauts* will rule the planet for an extended time. Don’t fight it, get wont to it, and learn to take advantage of it. If you do not take my word for it, check out what the main investment managers do with their money.

Which fund managers are buying into oil companies, and the way much are they buying? Are they hoping to form extra money within the future than they did this year? The fund manager’s job is to form money within the future, so what are they doing now?
If the oil companies aren’t getting to make massive billions of dollars worth of profits in future years, then why are the most important and smartest fund managers investing into the oil companies? Perhaps with all their money and every one their research, the main oil companies know that major oil companies will still turn gargantuan profits. Perhaps with the most important fund managers’ money and research, the fund managers have also come to an equivalent conclusion: oil equals money.
Save the trees: shoot a beaver…
Sure, you’ll buck the trend against the juggernauts*. you’ll invest all of your money into stocks aside from mining and oil. you’ll invest into “new” areas such internet stocks and bio-technology. you’ll invest into mortgages and finance companies like Credit Suisse. you’ll invest into eco-responsible, genetically unmodified, environmentally-sustainable alfalfa-eating, alpaca-friendly, tree-hugging hippy stocks**.
It may cause you to feel good. it’s going b2c phone list to even cause you to a dollar or two. an honest idea is to diversify your money: — have some smiley, care-bear investments** and even have a touch little bit of investment into a number of the “smash, pillage and wreck the environment” stocks.
Exxon/Mobil hurt some penguins with a leaking oil-tanker. Fine, sell their shares, punch the CEO, or volunteer at Greenpeace.
Union Carbide upset some people with dodgy battery acid. Throw out your torches, toys and computers or prefer to make a positive difference.

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