Get ready for a long journey

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Get ready for a long journey

Traveling abroad is an art. It takes planning intelligence, courage to execute and perseverance to survive. When planning your dream trip, you have to draw a fine line between over-analysis and unhappy ignorance (summer in Sudan, who?).Before booking your trip, there are a few things to consider. The most important thing is to decide where and when to go.Where are we going After working cubic ally and dreaming of traveling the world, most people already have a pretty good idea of ​​where they are going. It’s a personal preference and has amazing Cambodia phone number list places to see and do around the world. If you intend for your system to pay for your trip, your budget is a major factor in deciding where to go.How much does the world cost?These numbers indicate several things. Drive slowly at first (no more than once every four days). Second, you live in clean and simple accommodations. While it’s certainly possible to rent a room for $ 3 in Cambodia, most people mature enough to run a business want a little more comfort. We’re talking about a room with a bath, hot water, shower, towels, bed and TV … but not much else.As you can see, the costs can be very reasonable, much more reasonable than what you are currently paying at home. However, you want to travel where your system can reach.You can escape your home faster and live a better life by visiting third world regions such as Southeast Asia and India. Even though we have visited England several times, my wife and I are far from living in London! There is another, stronger reason to go to the Third World first: a new perspective. If you’re reading this, you probably grew up in the western world. When you get on this plane, you are undoubtedly ready for change, and the transition from the first world to the third world opens to eyes like the transition from worker to entrepreneurship.

In general, their calculations are close to my personal experience.Money saving tips Here are some tips I learned from working as a travel agent and personal experience. There are tons of ways to increase your budget:o Buy tickets in advance or at the last minute. So many people have complained about skyrocketing plane tickets when they had to buy that damn thing months ago and save on a package. Here’s my rule for budget travel: buy tickets in advance. Knowing where to go, buy last minute if you don’t know. For example, there is currently a special last-minute flight from San Francisco to Hungary for three hundred dollars. Are you planning to go to Hungary? No, but if the opportunity arises, you should take it.
o Please go outside. My wife and I rode our bikes around Ireland without breaking the bank, yet we stayed behind on quality beds and snacks (including an old Irish castle). How do we do that? Simple: for every night in a nice place, we camped b2c phone list for two nights. After getting to our room for the night we cleaned up and had a great time. The next morning we took a shower and left. With this approach, you will only skip the shower for one day …
o Change your drinking habits. One of my biggest complaints from thrifty travel writers is their stupid notion that you have to sacrifice cold beer to save money. There are far better ways to save a dollar on the go. What should be avoided are the bars. You can drink cold beer or local liqueur for cheap at a bottle shop (or, oddly enough, 7-11). I’m thinking that buying a can of Guinness in Thailand is more expensive than at home! It is true this is an Irish pub on St’s Day. Patrick, but come on …

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