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That entire process worldwide almost came to a standstill and more than 75% of the companies had problems with their own production. Volkswagen even temporarily stopped production. Blockchain the Lebanon Phone Number List tool for supply chains Blockchain is not only mentioned as the means to regain trust and resilience in global supply chains. It is already being accelerate and widely deploy. With all the experience of the past.

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I expect that this will become the most important blockchain trend in 2021.  Maersk and IBM. The blockchain platform ensures optimal data exchange and transparency. Previously, for example, data about a cargo that had  shipp from Singapore to Rotterdam had to send by e-mail, fax, and courier.

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The signature was requir from 21 parties. All that administration  sometimes took days, is now done with 1 mouse click. This saves an insane amount of time and money. Thanks to a wonderful collaboration with other technologies, such as the Internet of Things, it is possible to follow where loads are located in real-time (pdf). Handy if you, as a country.

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