Frontrunner At Cues For Years

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Frontrunner At Cues For Years

Brainstorming room, while the workplace at home becomes primarily a place to concentrate and to keep busy. Online teaching methods will continue to be important in the near future. For Senegal Phone Number List people who work with stories, it is important to be fully present in locations where people naturally share stories, from the corridor to the company restaurant and co-working space.

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Precisely when we meet each other in person in organizations, more stories will be told than before. Stories can help people get to grips with the complicated world we currently live in. We can indicate what this time means for people (via narratives and frames), what it does to people (examination of the undercurrent) and keep people ‘on their toes and give them direction (working towards a new narrative).

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Senegal Phone Number List

For organizations, storytelling is, therefore, more important than ever. Corona itself is also a story. The starting point in March 2020 can start of the ‘intelligent lockdown’. We don’t know where the story ends yet. And that also applies to the Column – With movies and TV series you get a flood of credits in the credits.

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