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From My Own Experience

People mirror each other less and lose sight of ‘how it should be in an organization. Moreover, they lack the connection from person to person, which is necessary to come up with new ideas or to Norway Phone Number List experience important moments together. Part of the exemplary behavior also disappears, because management by storying around (playing an exemplary role with stories) is no longer possible.

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This raises all kinds of new questions about how to stay in touch with each other and how to manage people. How do you build a shared culture if people don’t see each other much? How do you keep an eye on how employees are doing? And how do you promote innovation? Working with stories seems to play.

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an important role in this. It makes a huge difference if there is already a climate with a lot of room for collecting and sharing stories, because those kinds of organizations now have an advantage. At the same time, new stories are circulating outside each other’s field of vision. More than before, it is important to gain insight into this undercurrent in order for organizations to function properly.

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