Free International Phone Calls – Make Free Calls Using Your iPhone

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Free International Phone Calls – Make Free Calls Using Your iPhone

VoIP service providers lately try to offer easier ways to form cheaper VoIP calls to urge users started using applications on their smart phones. we’ve seen Pingo’s $5 free calling credit using their application EZdial, also there’s Whistle Phone’s Free iPhone application to form free VoIP calls to US. consistent with us at Free Calls Hub, this is often Nigeria phone number list a business model which will work, because of the convenience and user friendliness of such applications. Readers will like these applications and can start purchasing credit using their smart phones.How to get free $5 credit using i-Hoot

A new application is call at app-store for your iPhone. i-Hoot is offering you free $5 worth of call credit to form cheaper phone calls anywhere within the world. you’ve got to download this application on your iPhone, then you’ll start making calls to any of your contacts in your contacts’ list using this application. you’ll even add your favorite numbers to a favourite list. Moreover, you’ll also make calls to your recent destinations from the recent log by selecting the amount .How to use i-Hoot to form cheap calls

Nigeria Phone Number List

To use i-Hoot (provided you’ve got downloaded it), you would like to make an account using this application. If you have already got an existing STI prepaid account, you’ll use it, otherwise you would like to make a replacement account. Once you’ve got created your account, you’ll be ready to see your address book through i-hoot. Just select b2c phone list any contact and it’ll call a toll-free number (in USA) from where it’ll connect you to your contact. Please note that this Toll-Free number will cost you airtime minutes (on your cell phone) as toll-free numbers aren’t free from most cell phones. you’ll also call an individual by dialing his number through dial pad. For US, you would like to dial 1 + code + destination number. to form international calls, you would like to dial 011 + Country Code + code + destination number. Your balance are often seen on screen, it’ll tell you ways much of balance you’ve got in your account.

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