Foundation of All That Content

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Foundation of All That Content

contents match your intended document structure. Final check for an accessible document: does your document meet these points? The document properties have  enter. The document is Hungary Phone Number List well structured. You can easily navigate from headline to headline and the headlines are clear and descriptive. Lists are format as bullet lists. It’s clear where each link points to. All images.

Think Carefully About

good alternative text (alt attribute). Text is not in the images but included. . Form fields have the correct labels. It is clear what you have to enter in the field. Charts are not too complex and have a clear description. Important information in tables is accessible. The document language is (correctly) def. There is contact information in the document, in case someone.

Time To The Strategy That Should

Hungary Phone Number List

trouble reading the document. The reading order makes sense if users have the document read aloud with screen reading software. Good preparation saves you a lot of o guidelines that help you make your documents accessible and usable. Also for users with disabilities. It certainly makes sense to take this into account when preparing documents. The subsequent correction of inaccessible documents, which have meanwhile been published, is a time-consuming and therefore expensive process.

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