First Click Free for Google Search

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First Click Free for Google Search

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Google signs the end of First Click Free: a big update for publishers and press honduras telephone directory!
Until now and since 2008. All the big (or small) press sites offering content reserved for their subscribers but who wanted to benefit. From a good referencing on Google and Google News had to “comply” with the requirements of the search engine. and more specifically to its First Click Free (FCF) policy .

Concretely, First Click Free Had Been Introduced by Google

To improve the user experience of Internet users by avoiding the unpleasant surprise of clicking on a link. From Google Search or Google News without then being able to consult the content of the page. Clicked without paying or subscribe. Thus, until now, all sites offering paid content that wanted to obtain interesting visibility on Google Search and Google News had to comply with the guidelines introduced by this free first click policy. Simply put, publishers should:

All Internet users coming from Google Search or Google News had to be able to read at least the entire first article normally paid for or reserved for subscribers
The page presented to Internet users had to be exactly the same as the one presented to Googlebot to avoid any cloaking and penalty
If the Internet user arrived on a paying article composed of several pages (eg a slideshow), he should be able to consult everything for free
To learn more about Google’s old First Click Free policy, it’s here:


First Click Free for Google News

The end of First Click Free but the beginning of Flexible Sampling
After consulting many site editors and publishers, Google now believes that they are best able to determine, on a case-by-case basis, what is most optimized for the user experience of their visitors while recommending a new good practice called Flexible Sampling .

Flexible Sampling: concrete recommendations from Google for site publishers
Set up the JSON-LD structured data markup dedicated to Paywalls : this is essential for sites that offer content available after payment of a subscription in order to prevent Google from considering this site as a site carrying out cloaking
Set up Flexible Sampling Metering or Lead-In:
Flexible sampling metering allows a user to read a quota of articles over a given period. Google recommends monthly rather than daily sampling metering with a limit of around 10 per month for example.
The flexible lead-in sampling allows the user to read only part of the article without being able to consult the entire article before paying. Google recommends displaying the first 50-100 words for free.

With this recent announcement of October 1, 2017, Google therefore announces the official end of this recommendation and policy dating back almost 10 years to leave more freedom and flexibility to publishers so that they can optimize their system on a case-by-case basis according to what works best for their audience.

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