Featured Snippet Which Sites Benefit the Most in France?

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Featured Snippet Which Sites Benefit the Most in France?

SEMrush recently analyzed the 100 most visited websites in France to determine. Which ones benefit the most from featured snippets (optimized excerpts in search results. What are featured snippets and which sites benefit the most from them in France. Featured Snippets or position 0, what is it? featured snippet google.  A featured snippet , also called position. Is concretely an excerpt from a site put forward. Most importantly, Google above SEO position 1 to respond as quickly as possible to an Internet user’s request. Presented in the form of a reversed natural result with a much larger “meta description” (4 lines) displayed before the Title and the URL of the source page, this block is displayed in a fully automated way on Google.

No Schema.org markup is officially used by Google to decide whether or not to display this unsponsored feature. According to Google. It is currently not possible to put in place actions to encourage the search engine to highlight its site rather than another in Bosnia and Herzegovina WhatsApp Number List SEO position. This is a totally automatic process that does not seem to be linked to the positioning of the page as long as the latter is on page 1 on the request sought by the Internet user. Featured snippet google france For a site, having a featured snippet is the.  Holy Grail for boosting its SEO CTR . SEO CTR than position 1 but it is also to present twice on page 1 of Google  which can only favor the number of clicks returned to the website.

It Is Also Interesting to Note That You Do Not Necessarily

Have to be in the top 3 SEO to benefit from this featured snippet. In the example above, Reverso is highlighted while its natural result only appears in 5th position on the search query. What are the sites that benefit the most from featured snippets in France? In a recent analysis based on 6 million keywords and the 100 most visited sites in France, SEMrush identified the sites that are currently profiting the most from featured snippets in France. Unsurprisingly, sites specializing in definitions do quite well. What is more surprising, however, is the almost total absence of press sites in this ranking of the most visited sites in France which are granted position 0 by Google:

Google has just launched a brand new tool for testing AMP pages. Dedicated to publishers of sites which currently have AMP pages, or which are in the process. Of deploying the technology. The new tool makes it possible to test directly online the validity of AMP pages URL. For those in a hurry no need to make you wait any longer, the new AMP page test tool is accessible at this. New Google AMP page testing tool how does it work? google test pages amps tool the tool works on both mobile and desktop. To test your AMP page there is no need to put the URL of your traditional page Google will not itself look for the AMP version of your page.

You Must Therefore Add the Amp Url of the Page

You want to test directly to the tool. Here is an example of a test result for an invalid AMP page invalid amp page test tool In the case of an invalid page with AMP. You just have to follow the directions. Each requested fix comes with a help page that automatically redirects to the official AMP Project website . tool test page amp patches Here is a test result for a valid AMP page valid amp page test tool Previewing search results with. AMP test preview page amp. Most importantly, Once your page is tested you  preview how it will appear in mobile search results .  Most importantly, This will allow you to make sure that it can appear in the AMP article carousel (in the case of a News article).

For publishers who configure AMP on static pages or who will not necessarily present in the AMP carousel. You will also be able to see if the small. This preview of mobile results is accessible on both the PC version and the mobile version of this new. Most importantly, Google has just announced that it automatically. Most importantly, Applies labels to specific types of links in order to facilitate the work of its employees. In charge of manually penalizing websites.  Most importantly, This information was made public by Gary a webmaster trend analyst who works for Google.

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