Explore Like Google and There Is a Change in the Quotas!

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Explore Like Google and There Is a Change in the Quotas!

Google has just updated its monthly and daily quotas for indexing and crawl requests sent via the. Explore like Google feature available in Search Console. Here’s what changed Summary Google updates its quotas for crawl and indexing requests made through the. Explore like Google  section of Search Console Until now  webmasters could crawl and display any URL on their site and then ask Google, via the “ Ask for indexing ” option, to crawl, re-crawl or index: this URL only, the URL as well as its direct links.

The monthly quota for requests to crawl or index a single was until now 500 and no daily limit was set. Starting today webmasters will only be able to submit.  More than 10 URLs per day for crawling or indexing by Google . If the webmaster wants Google to crawl  email cyprus and index the as well as these direct links. The limit will now no longer be 10 requests per month but a maximum of 2 requests per day . Here is an overview of the old limits as they are (still) displayed on the French help page: google crawl limits Source.

Hat Is the Request Indexing

Here are the new limits updated on the dedicated help page in English new google crawl limits.  Source feature of the Explore like Google section of Search Console for. Explore like google search console the request indexing option that appears after launching the exploration.  Of a page from the explore like Google function accessible in Search Console allows you to. Ask Google to index a page only Ask Google to index a page and its direct links Ask Google to recrawl a known page to ensure that the latter is updated more quickly in its index (can be useful after making changes that you want to see quickly taken into account by Google)

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This feature should not be used to request the indexing of each new page created, Google recommends for this the use of a sitemap declared in the robots.txt. In another tweet. Google indicated that this meta tag, which was optional, had not been widely adopted by publishers. Google’s algorithms have also improved significantly since its launch, so the latter has become useless and therefore Google no longer recommends adding it to new articles. Historically only featured at the end of search results

Explore Like Google Section of Search Console for?

Google’s Related Searches  section can now appear directly below a search result when a user clicks. On a link from the results page and then decides to return to the latter after a few seconds. Here’s what it actually looks like  in this case it’s the natural search result that came first on the query.  Marketing automation google test related searches Here is an example of the new highlighting. Of related searches in test on Google other related google searches.  Here is an overview of the traditional insert dedicated to related searches that appear at the bottom of the search results page New highlighting of related searches: what conditions for their display?

This new highlight currently being tested by Google does not currently apply to all search results. To be able to obtain this result. The Internet user must  being served by Google a long search results page (more than 10 search results. Click on a search result and then go back to the page with all the search results. From my testing, it appears to be just a test for long search results pages with up to results at the moment . In my case this feature was triggered on the query  marketing automation when the results.  Page was showing way more than the usual 10 results.

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