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Experiments We Also

Within a few months, his filters were download hundreds of millions of times and his Instagram account grew from 396 to nearly 1 million followers. Screenshot Australia Phone Number List of Chris Polk’s Instagram account. Chris Polk is the art director of new media at LiveWall Group, a full-service digital agency. Favorite brand? Adidas. Chris has loved this brand since he was eight. Which is inextricably linked to hip-hop culture through Run DMC’s song My Adidas.

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From the moment he saw the music video on MTV, he was interested in the creative collaborations that artists and brands can form with each other. He wanted to get into the advertising world. His first job was at an (offline) design agency in The Hague, he made books and designed corporate identities for major brands and companies. Later he delved into the online and advertising world.

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designing websites and apps as a designer. He has been working as an art director since 2018. Designing for Spotify “A day at work can start with devising an online campaign and end with a homepage takeover on Spotify”. Chris invents quirky things for brands. For example, he worked on a project to promote Rocketman, the film about Elton John.

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