Ethics Is Wanting to Understand Before Acting

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Ethics Is Wanting to Understand Before Acting

A recognized international ethicist philosopher and lecturer . The first ethicist in Canada outside of university to devote himself. the ethical management of public and private companies, he received an honorary doctorate from the University of Quebec at. Trois-Rivières for his contribution to the progress of society in terms of ethics. On the occasion of the release of his book. Ed of L’homme , we wanted to present you some passages to give an overview chosen from a table of contents, thus delimiting the stakes and the perspectives of the role of ethics in our contemporary societies!

The book was thought out and written in order to bring ethics out of the university and present it to as many people as possible. We need to know ethics better because we all have choices to make and the framework of these choices is not UK WhatsApp Number List a matter of compliance. The book therefore does not claim to “replace” academic works but rather to complete them by making ethics accessible to all. Why did you choose this sentence at the very end of the book. Wisdom consists in knowing how to separate the covetousness of goods that perish from the conquest of the heart.  Sentence that you evoke, comes from the poetic saying . It is a better way of saying that you have to know how to choose your fights and that the only fights that count are those of the heart!

Why This Book Market

Because ethics cannot be reduced to conformity. Which is, after all, only accounting ethics , I have tried throughout the book to present ethics from. The angle of linguistics while adding a touch of poetry! In the business world. When we discuss ethics, we often think of conflicts of interest or corruption or harassment. Once again, the forms of breaches of ethics are mentioned more frequently than ethics itself. We often see ethics as a remedy when it should rather be understood upstream as being an art of living , of governing and guiding both our relationships with each other and the conduct of business. To illustrate this with a medical metaphor, let’s say that ethics consists in knowing what health is and not in knowing the remedy for any evil.


We may think we’ve seen it all or heard it all because. We’ve been bombarded with continuous images or we’ve spent six hours a day browsing social media. What we see in the media and on the web will always represent. Only the gaze of another on a world that is ours. A web specialist friend told me recently that Internet users in general only read the introduction of a text before being caught. A hyperlink which leads them to another text, to another introduction and to another hyperlink. How can we, by accumulating introductions in this way. Understand an issue or a problem? How can we understand anything by superimposing. Only the introductions and never the developments or the conclusions.

Pieces Chosen by the Marketing

Continuous information gives us the impression of being at the heart of the news; however, its immediacy and lack of hindsight make it difficult. If not impossible, to get an idea or form an opinion, hyper-mediatized. We all are, under-informed, we too often are too. How many people come to work every morning stating someone else’s opinion as their own? How many arrive at the office without even realizing that the opinion they consider to be theirs. Only that of a blogger or the headline of a furtively glimpsed online media. Have we, over time, confused the act of reasoning with that of resonating?

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