Enterprise security services in developing countries – an example for India

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Enterprise security services in developing countries – an example for India

Security is a term for an evolving and diverse range of skills, services, products and effects. The spectrum has grown from purely physical to online, travel, financial, environmental, brand, personal, technical and many more. The problem is that unlike other departments or professions, business leaders accept / expect that all of this can be accomplished by one person, or that they are experts in all of these areas. Impossible. This does not prevent many India phone number list  people from claiming or becoming, but in the Indian context the disclosure and awareness of these business leaders has not yet been revealed. Most do not realize this failure is catastrophic or worse.

India’s historically strong bureaucracy and cultural class system have helped further suppress competitive people, services and security development as a profession under hierarchical law enforcement. An older, older, and better caste means that you are the CEO of corporate security at its best. Not true! Apart from that, qualification is also based on how many people you have ordered or how many you have as security. Since when did volume represent quality or efficiency? Tragically, some then consider hiring, hiring, or recommending more guards. disadvantage companies measuring their professional progress.

A procedure that is widespread but mostly useless in India can be experienced once you arrive at a major corporate office / location. Regardless of the company’s business offerings (high tech, BPO, etc), their access control is third world, but they seem proud of it. You may receive some photos and printed ID cards. However, these were often recorded in old handwritten journals that had not been read outside of the shift supervisor. The laptop or phone you import will be checked for serial numbers but can easily be replaced with other self-adhesive labels. Photography is not permitted, but there is plenty of property information available at the office.It is estimated that Indian employees with training and production capacity are only 20% of the price of employees in the United States. Share of export contribution to India.India is a popular place to outsource business functions. Many of these trends, however, have resulted in a culture of “outsourcing” to Indian companies. That is, they are taking over the multinational back office because they can hire more people for less, the results are comparative, the overhead is cheaper, the multimedia communication is improved, and this is not the main business / commercial function of the original
b2c phone list multinational client. . Exported Indian companies then try to do it all themselves and never outsource or apply the same principles that first demonstrated their value and capabilities. Then the company does its own bookkeeping, online development, travel management, call center management, transportation, accommodation, and many more. This trend will not continue and has made many Indian companies less competitive around the world. Security and application management is largely a poor standard because of this model.

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