Each Year, Google Targets Very Spammy Queries

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Each Year, Google Targets Very Spammy Queries

With specific filters , Payday Loan’s filters all the highly prized Black Hat SEO queries. Google Panda 4.0 update of May 20, 2014: With more than 7.5% of queries impacted by the Google Panda 4.0 update , Google hit hard by tackling low-quality sites with little unique content and over-optimization. Payday Loan 3 update of June 12, 2014: This update corrected the situation of the Payday Loan 2 update by refining the algorithm to better reach the sites targeted by Google. Removal of authorship on June 25, 2014: The announcement of the permanent removal of authorship caused a small bombshell effect in the middle of the web as many bloggers benefited from an increase in their CTR using this feature.

On June 25, this update resulted in the disappearance of Google Plus profile photos from search results . Google Pigeon update July 24, 2014: Google Pigeon was the first algorithmic update to impact local search results. For the moment still not present in France Google Tunisia whatsapp number list is currently deployed in all English-speaking countries. Consideration of HTTPS/SSL as a positioning factor on August 6, 2014: While many webmasters were on vacation, Google announced that it is taking HTTPS into account as a positioning factor with a strong desire to favor sites that will have SSL protocols to secure the data on their websites. Definitive end of the authorship on

August 28, 2014: While the Photo Had Previously

Removed from search results, Google then decided to take it a step further. Removing all authorship support Google at all. Implemented this second Panda update, always with the aim of attacking sites with low added value. Automatically generated content or too much duplicate content. Addition of the “In the news” section in the results of Google in October 2014: A new section has appeared in the search results, the “In the News” section .

This new section is no longer limited to only websites accepted in Google News blogs thus see their articles included in this new section. Google Penguin 3.0 update on October 17, 2014: After more than a year without an update, Google Penguin 3.0 is here ! The Google Penguin update is now integrated into Google’s global algorithm, so it will now run without interruptions . Google Pirate 2.0 update on October 21, 2014: This specific update primarily targets sites that publish copyrighted content.

English Is Significant Will Also Be Impacted by the Update.

Australia and the United Kingdom. Canada United Kingdom Australia Google has confirmed that its algorithm for local searches. Google Pigeon expanded in recent weeks to all English-speaking countries (except India) . Canada, the United Kingdom. Australia and South Africa will therefore have this new algorithmic update for local searches. All the other countries where the share of searches carried out in.

Google Pigeon has been deployed in the middle of December since last week. When sales for E-merchants are the most important. One can really wonder the reason for such an update at this time. Would Google like to recover some. Adwords budget at the end of the year by negatively impacting certain merchants with this local. Google Pigeon update? What is the Pigeon Update. This algorithmic update from

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