E-commerce and SEO: 3 Important Optimizations Not to Be Overlooked!

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E-commerce and SEO: 3 Important Optimizations Not to Be Overlooked!

If the faceted navigation of an e-commerce site is essential to ensure a good user experience. It can turn out to be a nightmare for natural referencing if it is poorly manage. Indeed, all the filters integrated in the faceted navigation. Can lead to the indexing by search engines of hundreds of pages with duplicate or near duplicate content.

Which Is Very Harmful for the Good Referencing of an E-commerce Site

What combinations of facets open to indexing? To determine whether or not a combination of facets. Open to indexing by search engines. If so, do they have a large enough search volume to warrant indexing? To do this, it is advisable to carry out a keyword analysis with free calling chile cell phone tools such as Google Adwords Keyword Planner to determine whether the combinations of filters available on your site have an SEO interest in being indexed or not (eg: “t-shirt + “made in france” + “white”). Do the combinations you want to index have enough products in stock?

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If filter combinations contain only very few products in stock, even if the latter are positioned in the long term in SEO, a very reduced inventory could send negative signals to search engines (if users make a return on the results of research for example), it is therefore strongly recommended to open only combinations of facets with enough products listed and in stock (ex: > 5).

How to Block the Indexing of Combinations of Facets That We Want to Close?

There are several methods to block the indexing of facets that you do not want to see indexed on Google and other search engines: Add a <meta name=”robots” content=”noindex, follow”/> in the <head> tag of the pages that you don’t want to see indexed but for which you want the engines to follow the internal links. Set up a canonical towards the top facet level open to indexing. Use the X-Robots-Tag HTTP header associated with the “noindex” instruction by going directly through the server. To unindex pages but to prevent engines from crawling these pages. Expired products: how to manage them in SEO?

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