Digital Developments Are

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Digital Developments Are

Native advertising (commercial content that takes the same form as editorial content) on news websites has Pakistan Phone Number List exploded in recent years. Advertisers use these ads to spread their story to a broad audience in the battle for consumer attention. Within the reliable context of a news website. The news websites are also open to this.

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Because few people are still willing to pay for online news, they are looking for alternative sources of income. The question is: what does the reader think of native ads? Native ads: interesting or misleading? Native advertising has caused a lot of discussion among supporters and opponents. Why does native advertising actually work? When I started my Ph.

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At the University of Antwerp in 2016, only a few studies and figures were known about native advertising. In general, those studies showed that native ads often receive more attention and also a more positive rating compared to traditional online ads, such as banner ads. “Great, good news” you might think. Unfortunately, those studies also revealed a downside to native ads. Namely that the advertisements are not always clearly labeled as an advertisement.

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