Did you emigrate to Canada? Alternative options Where do you live and work?

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Did you emigrate to Canada? Alternative options Where do you live and work?

There are several factors to consider when emigrating to other countries in the world. Some common questions are: “Where will I live, will I have a steady job, what will happen if I have a family, and will everyone be safe there?”

Am I missing something? By the way, where are the places where the “state” simply does not oppress or threaten its citizens and support new and old immigrants?

According to Just Landed, an online publication popular with sensible immigrants, we looked at “Popular Travel Destinations for Foreigners,” based on 2008 sources, which ranked Canada 2nd in the top 3. Also, there are “Top 5 Emigrants”. friendly countries ”and the article was ranked fourth in Canada.

But local times and conditions can Argentina phone number list change dramatically. At the end of 2008 Just Landed published “Trends among emigrants: industrialized countries are less attractive”.

In April 2009, the online publication Expatify published the “Top 10 Countries for American Expats”. Canada doesn’t even make the top ten. Since Canada is the United States’ closest neighbor, but not even recommended, where can the happiest and happiest seekers of American or Canadian aspiration be accepted? Your top 10 told us.

Take it from a Canadian who has lived and worked in the United States and Canada. If I could go back to my youth to do it again, I would definitely follow the advice of this latter online source. Your number 1 spot out of 10 places is Argentina. You can check their website to find out why others have voted for it. But getting back to why Canada failed on the list.

Many immigrants believe Canada is a safe place for personal freedom, decent work, awareness of all forms of abuse, and a safe place to raise a family. Historically, many have acknowledged this life. But that was before 1986. And it’s gotten a lot worse since then. In 1997 Canada introduced various laws that upset Canada’s balance and left society more divided, more controversial, and more hostile to couples and families.

“Success in life and lasting happiness” is partly a function of: (a) satisfying work and (b) happy relationships, usually marriage. This “twists and turns” is also true. Let’s see how.

Here are facts that only a few immigrant communities share. This is understandable, however, because accepting new recruits or immigrants to Canada will reduce “their” financial returns.

In a longitudinal survey, Statistics Canada reported that nearly half of immigrants who applied had difficulty finding a suitable job for up to 4 years after arrival. Half (46%, Immigrant Longitudinal Study, Immigration Canada, Statistics Canada, 2005)

In simple terms, this means that an immigrant in Canada has a 50-50 chance of finding a good job (up to 4 years after arriving). The same b2c phone list opportunity as spinning a coin. In addition, if you are between 25 and 44 years old, at university, or have a qualification, you are at greatest risk of job dissatisfaction (Stats Can, Longitudinal Survey of Immigrants, 2010).

If we look at the other trait I mention, happy relationships (marriage or something similar), we see statistics from Canada reporting 70,000 divorces a year, and online reports from Alberta family counseling centers saying that every other first marriage in Canada fails. . Simply put, statistically all kinds of Canadians have a 50-50 chance of a failed marriage. Half. Again, there’s no better chance of flipping a coin.

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