Definition: Seo Natural Referencing for Dummies!

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Definition: Seo Natural Referencing for Dummies!

What is SEO how to explain it simply to someone who knows nothing about natural referencing or more broadly digital. How do you explain your SEO specialty to your parents or grandparents. In this article our goal is to explain the concept of SEO as simply as possible via a clear and precise definition. Understandable everyone (even dummies. Summary  Definition what is and all its synonyms SEO SEA (paid) referencing in one image SEO: how does it work and what is it actually for Summary Definition what is SEO in digital marketing.

SEO is the English acronym for ” Search Engine Optimization ” which means ” Optimization for Search Engines ” in French. We would therefore normally use the acronym OMR to refer to SEO, but hey, let’s move on (it’s a bit like the “Digital” VS “Digital” debate except who portugal phone cares. SEO and all its synonyms: SEO, Search Engine Optimization, natural referencing, Google referencing, SEO referencing, free referencing, search engine referencing, search engine optimization, SEO : all these terms mean exactly the same thing and are therefore more or less synonyms used to mean the same thing.

Why Do We Often Speak of Google Seo to Refer to Seo?

Why do we often speak of “Google SEO” to refer to SEO? In France, since Google holds more than 90% of the search market share , which means that 9 out of 10 French Internet users search on Google and not on another search engine , we therefore often speak of Google referencing because professionals of SEO (SEOs / SEO project managers / SEO consultants) focus their efforts primarily on Google. In some countries, where Google is not the first search engine (they are rare), like in China with.

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Baidu, SEOs must adapt their best practices to optimize their sites for these other search engines. Why do we speak of free referencing to designate natural referencing.  There are two ways to be referenced in Google search results to have your site highlighted in Google search results when a user makes a search Paid referencing. Google you pay Google through Google to appear at the top of search results. A discreet label differentiates these paid results from the natural results which are free.

Why Do We Speak of Free Referencing to Designate Natural Referencing?

Natural referencing  free it’s free but you have to be better than thousands of competitors to. Appear on the first page of search results SEO (free) vs SEA (paid) referencing in one image. The free natural results (SEO) are represented in green there are between  and 10 natural results per page. Paid results via Google are represented in red and paid results via Google per.  Google result page Paid results via Google Shopping are represented in they can take this form or be placed in the form of a carousel of products under the first Google links. ​

To in full compliance with Google’s recommendations quality guest articles Guest blogging. When practiced intelligently is still a practice that leads to very good quality links in 2018. To obtain this type of links and make the most of them. The content offered must be of very good quality and should not only promote. A single website careful Google is very regrading on this. The site on which the guest article will published must also carefully selected based on criteria such as

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