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Data That The Profile



Of your buyer person must include It is important that you baptize your client with a name and surname, this must correspond to the characteristics of your consumers and languages, that is, if you are in Spain, do not baptize him with a name in English. Demographic characteristics. Here consider all the data that will complete the profile of your buyer, such as age, place of residence, studies, etc. Brief description of your personality. Define their character, knowing how your client behaves will help you focus your strategies. Analysis of interests and objectives.

At this point you must include both personal interests and goals, as well as purchase goals. Behavior in social networks. What public, where does it, what does it react to, etc. Target all their behavior on digital media. Questions to ask yourself to create your buyer persona The above data Qatar whatsapp number list appear in your template, but to describe your client and fill in each part of their profile, you must ask many questions to complete it in the best possible way. Here is a small list: Demographic data: where do you live?

How Old Are You?

How many children do you have? Personal situation: what have you studied?, where do you work? Objectives and goals: What are your main challenges? What objectives do you have in your company or life? How you consume information: Do you read often? Do you use social networks? What are your favorite websites? Purchase behavior: do you buy more online or in a physical store? What is the last thing you bought? How do you prefer to communicate with the company?

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This is just a small example of all the questions you should ask yourself to create the most complete profile possible. The objective of the interviews is to understand the needs, challenges, objectives and behavior of consumers. If you have this clear, you can focus your campaigns to satisfy their pain points. Capture all the information in a template Creating your template is the last and easiest step. After collecting all the information and analyzing it, it is time to translate it into a document that you can consult whenever you need it.

We Leave You Here The Customizable

templates of Hubspot or its buyer persona generator so that it is very easy for you to create it. We show you an example of how a template filled with the data collected would look like: buyer persona We recommend that you do not stop working on your buyer persona. It is important that you update your profile from time to time because changes occur in the market, and therefore, tastes and consumption habits can change.

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