Customer Service and Monty Python

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Customer Service and Monty Python

Have you ever been during a situation where you were trying to urge something resolved by a customer service representative and felt such as you had just walked into some alternate universe, perhaps a Salvador Dali like painting, where it just seems that regardless of what the truth is that the customer service sees things upside-down?
This happened to me the last week in handling an outsized airline. I had booked a flight, and when picking seats I noticed that the fire escape row, which El Salvador phone number list is typically a premium seat, was being offered as a “complimentary standard seat.” Woohoo!
On an extended flight, that’s like winning the lottery, particularly given I even have very long legs. So I went and picked my seat, a pop-up asked me that standard questions like am I over 12 years aged (I answered yes) and that i was done, approximately i assumed once I got my e-ticket, it stated that my seat couldn’t be confirmed. Hmmm. I figured I had done something wrong, so I went back to the web site , tried again and ended up with the “your seat couldn’t be confirmed” e-ticket.
So i made a decision to call, and after a few half hour of taking note of Muzak and airline up-selling, i used to be finally connected to an agent which is where my alternate universe began.
This is how the conversation went:

Me: I’m trying to book this seat on my flight and although it’s allowing me to travel through the method , it seems that it won’t confirm it, so could you please make sure that it’s booked for me?
Agent: Yes, I can do this , but it’s a premium seat, so it’ll cost you a further $43.
Me: Yes, i do know usually this is often a premium seat, but i’m watching the location immediately and it’s it listed as a complimentary standard seat, so it doesn’t cost more.
Agent: it’s not a typical seat, it’s a premium seat and costs $43. does one want me to book it for you?
We went a couple of rounds like this until she called the National Resource Centre, that told her this was a mistake and she or he b2c phone list needed to file a drag ticket. “OK,” I said, “so now you’re getting to give me the seat for free of charge .” She replied “They didn’t mention anything that , so does one want to pay the $43 for this seat?”
I was sitting on the phone getting more and more frustrated. i noticed that this discourse considerably resembled the discussion between the owner of a pet store and his patron, Mr. Praline, who obviously bought a dead parrot, within the famed Monty Python Dead Parrot sketch.

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