Content Hidden from Visitors Now Penalized by Google?

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Content Hidden from Visitors Now Penalized by Google?

In a recent hangout, john muller announced that content hidden from visitors would potentially no longer be indexed by google robots, so they would no longer favor a site’s seo positioning. Summary : hidden content: a reminder of old black hat. Seo techniques to avoid in order not to be penalized before getting to the heart of the matter, here is a little reminder about the old content hiding techniques that you absolutely should not practice in 2014! Previously. Many seos used various techniques to hide content from users but make it accessible to google robots. Now penalized, we offer you here a little reminder of the techniques not to be used in 2014 in order not to risk heavy penalties by google: have white text on a white background.

Placement of text content behind an image. The use of css to position text outside the screen. Set font size to 0 on a paragraph. Hide links on very small characters (a hyphen in the middle of a paragraph, for example). To find all of google’s guidelines on hidden content go to Uae whatsapp number list dedicated webmaster help center page . Hidden content: useless for better positioning on google according to john muller john müller john muller therefore announced in. A recent hangout that all content hidden in tabs, or simply accessible after an additional click within the same page. Would potentially no longer indexed by google robots! If the content of a site is considered “potentially visible google.

Not Visible as Soon as the Visitor Arrives on a Page,

Google may no longer take it into account when judging the relevance of this page. On a given query. This announcement comes at a time when google makes it clear in its instructions to webmasters that it is important not to hide content from the internet user to make it only accessible to search engines. The text “potentially visible” via toggle and tabs now penalized? The text that was accessible following a click by the visitor was previously not penalized , now all content that will be hidden from the internet user or accessible only after a click will no longer be taken into account by google . If google does not announce penalties, this content will no longer be used in any case to promote the seo positioning of a site.

As you understood this new announcement does not mean that you have to stop placing content in tabs or toggles. If you find this useful for your users, that’s fine. On the other hand, if you used these techniques to add a lot of undrinkable content. For your readers but only dedicated. To search engines, this technique longer be effective at all. What solutions against this new announcement of not taking into account hidden content. If you use a tab system you advised to put the maximum content. On the first tab automatically opened when the user arrives on your page.

Even If It Means Making Long Pages Where the

Internet user to scroll to access all the content. If the latter is useful for the internet user as well as for seo. You will therefore now have every interest in making it accessible on the first tab of your page. If you use the toggle system a lot  or another type of technique making the content accessible only click. You recommended to leave most of the elements open when the internet user visits your web page. You therefore not forced to remove this functionality from your site. Simply giving it the possibility of hiding the content on click, your site comply with google’s.

It is then up to you to select the most important seo blocks that should kept open as a priority. Watch the full latest hangou if you want to access only the part relating to hidden content go from minute 52. If you have a few minutes to devote to it. I highly recommend this hangout by john muller which offers answers to many questions that seo professionals may have. Your positioning has been yo-yoing in recent days, penguin 3.0 is probably still there for something…

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