Considering a Pet Bird? Ask Yourself These 7 Critical Questions

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Considering a Pet Bird? Ask Yourself These 7 Critical Questions

Birds can make wonderful pets and companions and there are many various birds to settle on from. Two of the foremost popular are cockatiels and parakeets. Cockatiels and parakeets make wonderful pets that only require simple daily care. they do not take up tons of space, they eat small amounts of food, and that they don’t require a daily walk Nepal phone number list  outside. They love being around people and sometimes want out of their cages with great care they will be closer to you. Some even learn to speak .
You’re not alone in considering a pet bird. In fact, consistent with the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association (APPMA), birds are the 3rd hottest pet behind cats and dogs.

It all sounds great doesn’t it? hamper a touch bit, before you leap out to shop for a cockatiel or a parakeet, take a while to believe whether or not you’re ready for a bird companion. There are a couple of things for you to think about before you opt if you’re ready for the responsibilities that comes with parakeets and cockatiels.

Do yourself a favor and do not buy a parakeet or cockatiel until you ask yourself the subsequent questions:

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Do I even have enough patience for a bird? Cockatiels and parakeets are social animals and that they like attention. you ought to give them a minimum of a half an hour of attention each day to stay them happy.

Am I a neat freak? All birds (not just cockatiels and parakeets) are often fairly messy. You’re likely to possess some feathers and bird seed to select up round the cage.

Can I look after my bird properly? you are taking the proper initiative by trying to find information about birds. it is vital for you to understand all of your cockatiel’s or parakeet’s needs before you bring him or her home.

Don’t make the error of assuming that since you have already got a dog, cat or another pet, that you simply skills to require care of a bird. Birds have very different needs than other pets. I’m afraid it is a little more complicated than sticking your bird during a cage and giving it water and birdseed.

Do I even have room in my house for a bird cage and other ‘bird accessories”? you would like to believe where you are going to put the cage your house before you enter the door with it. And remember, the larger the bird, the larger the cage. (Be bound to study the do’s and do not of cage placement. There are places in your b2c phone list house that are very dangerous for your bird.)
Do I even have the time to offer my bird what it needs? additionally to the time you ought to spend together with your bird giving him or her attention, you ought to spend a while preparing meals for your bird. a correct diet for a healthy cockatiel or parakeet includes fresh vegetables and fruits – not just seeds.

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