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Considered Overall Picture

The dystopian vision (we become slaves to technology). Social context The focus is often on the development of the technology itself. However, the way in which AI will be deployed in the future is Ecuador Phone Number List highly dependent on the societal context. This is therefore not only about the performance of .The technologies and the availability of resources. But also about strategic interests and social acceptance.

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What is often overlook that we create this context ourselves. The choices we make in the present have a major impact on our possible futures. Many researchers will tell you that the heaven-or-hell scenarios are extremely unlikely. We’re not going to get the AI ​​we dream of or the one that we fear, but the one we plan for.

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The design will matter Stephan Talty Alternate Realities There are also several flavors. It is therefore important to investigate multiple alternative realities. Future scenarios can  to think about the future with an open mind. For many people it is difficult to move away from a dominant view of the future. which is often fuel optimism or pessimism.

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