Come puoi essere sicuro di assicurarti che il tuo nuovo sito mantenga il

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Come puoi essere sicuro di assicurarti che il tuo nuovo sito mantenga il

SEO results of the old, without any loss of rankings. Summary Steps to follow to not lose natural references when redesigning your site Perform a preliminary SEO audit Before any site redesign. It is important to carry out an SEO audit, to clearly identify the needs that the new site will have to meet. And to go through the recommendations – in terms of technique, content, netlinking, ergonomics mobile social network approach. What should change, and conversely what should we keep: these are the questions that need to be asked with. Well ahead of site redesign to develop a well thought out SEO strategy. Site Structure The internal structure of the new site is very important. To allow search engines to browse and find it more easily. The information they are looking for.

So, remember to work well on the semantic tags, respecting the order (h1, h2, h3). As well as on the internal mesh by creating links between the different pages of the site. The reading of the HTML code as well as of the structure must be able to be carried out as easily as possible comment appeler un portable en italie depuis la france the search engines if you want to improve your positioning. internal mesh Build a list of keywords to rank on It is crucial to analyze the keywords your old site is positioned on, and which ones you need to be on. Using tools like Semrush, Google Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest, or Google Search Console, it’s important to make a selection of keywords that are relevant to your business, internet users and ranking.

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competitors – to then define the priority. Mobile user design and optimization A slightly outdated design and a willingness to be more in line with. The image that the brand wants to give is often the reason for a site restyling. It is therefore an opportunity to optimize your site for the user’s path, in particular by adapting it to mobile browsing – non-mobile friendly sites are penalized by Google in their referencing, as well as the use of pop-ups deemed too much. pushy on mobile. Not only does the site need to be aesthetically pleasing to the brand image, it also needs to be ergonomic and optimized for the user experience.


pop-up Example of popups penalized by Google on mobile Contents To maximize. Your chances of increasing your ranking in. SERP especially on long-tail searches – it is important to have at least content on your site pages. Containing keywords you want to rank on to help search engines referencing them (the more, the better). In addition to offering varied and relevant content. SEO Friendly writing is required. That includes not only the targeted keywords but also optimizing titles (Hn tags), internal links, upper and lower case. Synonyms Alt attributes of images… Optimize meta tags and manage redirects. Search engines will begin their analysis with the meta tags and title of your pages, which appear in the search results.

It is therefore necessary to facilitate their work by writing

Tag Title and Description, optimized for SERPs. In accordance with these tags, it is advisable to reprocess the associated URLs if they are not optimized, and above all to perform a 301 redirect for each of the pages to the new URLs of the site! Don’t redirect all your old URLs to the home page, redirect old pages to new pages that match best. If Google doesn’t officially lose linkjuice with these redirects, as long as each redirect redirects to an equivalent page on the new site! So be sure to check all your redirects before putting the new site online. Optimize crawling Optimizing crawling means optimizing the discovery of pages from. Part of the robots that crawl and index sites in their respective search engines.

It is therefore advisable to create a sitemap. Or a sitemap that is often found at the bottom of sites or in robots. The sitemap will group all the. URL of all pages of the site in question and will facilitate the work of indexing robots. In addition, it is possible to prohibit access to certain pages. Especially those that contain and receive secure information. By inserting them in this same file robots security and transition to HTTPS The restyling of your site can also be an opportunity to switch to.

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