Choose the Right Image Format Vector Images

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Choose the Right Image Format Vector Images

Certain infographics, graphic elements without too many colors  prefer For other more complex raster images (photos), prefer the .jpg or .webp format. For example, our featured image for this article weighs only 11KB while it is 834*467 pixels. We used Photoshop and saving as PNG 8 in 16 colors to achieve this. 4- Compress HTML, CSS and JS resources: if you edit CSS, HTML, JS files, it is certainly more pleasant to have many spaces, but these slow down your WordPress site unnecessarily. Many free and paid plugins do the job for you, among them we can mention:

Fast Velocity Minify (all in one) , Minify HTML (only to minify HTML) , Better WordPress Minify (CSS and JS) , WP Rocket (all in one but paying). If you opt telephoner vers la belgique for an  all in one” plugin, only one will suffice on your WordPress site. 5- Enable server/browser caching  Without server/browser caching enabled, many static resources on your site will load every time even if they don’t change. To activate this, you must either know how to modify your .htaccess file, or use third-party plugins such as W3 Total Cache , WP Fastest Cache and co (a single plugin is enough). 6- Use a CDN (Content Delivery Network) : your WordPress site receives traffic from many international countries? If so, you should consider opting for a CDN to speed up the loading of your images and other assets.

Many Cdns Exist on the Market, Such as Cloudfare,

Clean the database of useless data: over time, the database of your WordPress site accumulates a lot of useless data (spammed comments, trash, etc.). Regular cleaning limits its weight and therefore its loading time. To clean it without risk, the WP Optimize plugin is recommended (no need to keep it active after cleaning). 8- Limit the external resources loaded on your website: Facebook likebox, Twitter follow button, LinkedIn follow button, Google Fonts and co use external resources that contribute to slowing down (quite significantly) the loading time of your site WordPress. On LEPTIDIGITAL,


Replacing the Facebook likebox, for example, we recently opted for a very light image that redirects to our.  Facebook page (we probably lose a few likes along the way  but people who really want to follow our.  Facebook page will not be blocked by that) load JS resources asynchronously .The difference between synchronous or asynchronous loading is quite simple.  A synchronous JS resource will load at the same time as the rest of the page. An asynchronous resource will wait for all the other resources to load. Loaded before loading (this is why when loading a page advertisements often appear slightly later. for good web hosting.  If the dedicated server is the most optimized, it is also the most expensive. However you can get good performance with shared hosting optimized for WordPress. Among the interesting hosts, O2switch (the one we historically used for LEPTIDIGITAL) is a powerful and inexpensive host.

Limit the Number of Saved Revisions

of your articles via the wp-config.php file : this more advanced optimization of WordPress requires the modification of the wp-config.php file. This is especially recommended for sites that have hundreds of articles although it can also impact small sites. Here is the line of code to add to your wp-config php file (you change the value  to allow more or fewer revisions. Define for a social sharing plugin that does not impact the loading time of your sits. Sharing counters are generally greedy and should be avoided but they also stimulate future sharing.

The most optimized being to create share buttons in HTML and .JS without having to use specialized plugins, which are nevertheless very interesting. Such as SumoMe or MashShare (those installed on LEPTIDIGITAL to date). 13- Limit the number of advertisements called on the pages as much as possible. Advertising scripts cannot be optimized because they are external resources. So load them as little as possible Limit the number of Google Adsense script calls  do you use several. Google Adsense advertising blocks  Simply limit the number of calls of the Adsense advertising script by integrating it only once in the page. Here is the sample code that should be present only once in your source.

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