Capital Letters in What Seo Impact?

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Capital Letters in What Seo Impact?

Google from different devices (including smartphones).The quality criteria studied by Google Panda updates to decide whether to promote or downgrade websites on Google are now directly integrated into the heart of the main algorithm. What does this mean concretely? The last Google Panda update, 4.2, dates back to July 2015 . This latest announced update has been rolling out gradually for many months after its official launch date, thus not having a clear cut impact on many sites. This latest update now makes it more difficult to detect an algorithmic penalty. This filter since the impact is no longer clear on a specific date but rather spread over time with a constant but slow drop in traffic .

Panda and based on information from Google PR. The SEM Post indicated that the quality criteria analyzed by the Google Panda filter would now be integrated into the core of Google’s algorithm . Concretely, this means that with. Each update of the Google algorithm a Panda Japan WhatsApp Number List will also appear automatically . Indeed. The quality criteria analyzed by this algorithmic filter are now an integral part of Google’s main algorithm (which is updated very frequently) . This announcement therefore implies much more frequent updates on the quality of the sites. Several times per quarter probably, where we counted one to two Google Panda updates per year previously.

in a Recent Article Entirely Dedicated to Google

The recent weekend update of January 10, 2016. Which many of us thought was Google Penguin, was actually an update on the quality of websites . This latest update, just confirmed on Twitter by Zineb Ait Bahajji, webmaster trends analyst at Google. Could be one of the first to directly integrate the Google Panda quality criteria. We do not know for the moment since when the Google Panda criteria are included in the heart of the Google algorithm , this information has not yet been communicated. What is however very likely is that in the future. All Google Panda updates will be presented by Google as general updates on the quality of websites or simple updates of the core of the algorithm.

Zineb webmaster trends analyst at Google recently published an article. On the official Google blog announcing that the search engine would now prefer. The indexing of HTTPS URLs to classic HTTP URLs if the latter are available. Indexing URLs in HTTPS VS URLs in HTTP, how does it work? For almost a year, after its fight for a more responsive web. Google has been tackling the security of the internet thanks to the HTTPS protocol. If the number 1 search engine in France has already announced that it wishes to put more emphasis on websites that have an HTTPS version. Recent tests would prove that the associated boost would still be very limited or even almost imperceptible.

Still, a Recent Announcement Google

Tells us that the American search engine will now index. URLs in HTTPS as a priority when a site makes both versions of its pages available to it. In other words, Google has updated its indexing system to prefer HTTPS URLs to classic HTTP URLs . This means that from now on, if your site has a page accessible in HTTP and this same page. With the same content is available in HTTPS, Google will only index the page in HTTPS in its search engine and will therefore not bring it up. The page in HTTP in its natural search results. This change to Google’s indexing system will only take place if the following conditions are met.

If attachments to this page are not secure If the site in HTTPS is not blocked in the robots.Txt If this HTTPS page does not then redirect the user to an unsecured page in classic. HTTP If this page in HTTPS does not have. A tag with the URL of the page in HTTP If the HTTPS page does not have a meta robots tag If the sitemap(s) list pages. In HTTPS or do not list URLs in HTTP. Whether the server has a valid transport layer security. Certificate Even if Google prefers the HTTPS version of your website.

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