Build Your Personal Branding

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Build Your Personal Branding

Social recommendation has become one of the essential levers of digital life in the broad sense, those of companies, but ours as well. Developing your image, but even more so your expertise and building a professional digital presence goes inexorably through. What we show on the internet, on social networks. This sounding board has an impact. On the three circles of influence which constitute the primary sphere of communication. The most natural and also often the most effective in creating a breath of fresh air in a strategy. Communication that we talked about in a previous forum . Good practices and time. A profile always in motion Being agile in the way you present yourself, to talk about yourself matters a lot.

Have an LKD profile, a Twitter account (or Instagram, Facebook, whatever ecosystem you want to address) that is up to date, that is sexy. An account that makes you want to be shared by others, by your community, is a bit like a showcase that Vietnam WhatsApp Number List what you have “in store” but better. Using storytelling, putting emotion in your profile and staying authentic make you want to push the door of your profile… and your story. 2- Content , with an editorial line that suits you The multiplication of sources, themes, targets, media and other platforms today generate content exponentially. A relevant editorial strategy is essential. By asking the question of what will be of value for your readers and not only for you.

Good Practices and Time

As for promotional marketing content? Use with care so as not to tire your network and turn yourself into a billboard. Interact , create discussions by taking your time Being committed means sharing content that interests you to give relevance to your comments and your editorial line. Qualifying the content shared with a point of view, a bias, a question that opens. The debate with its community by knowing how to be proactive and not only reactive is one of the keys to being read. Perceived and considered. And in fact get commitment. Social networks are considered as a space where everything goes fast, where you have to “go fast” and be reactive or even “hyper-reactive” at all times. Yet building an identity, an e-reputation takes time and patience.


Therefore, is this regularity that gives meaning to the approach, which builds a solid and reliable image. Taking the time to react to a post, commenting on it with the necessary perspective makes all the difference. In a world where everything is accelerating and where we devote less and less time to listening, reading or watching. To survey the communities that interest you to read and share articles or any type of content. What is being said within your network is an unstoppable way to make yourself visible. In summary, building your personal branding is a matter of personal and professional networking.

Create Discussions by Taking Your Time

Therefore, trademark that will promote your own news, make you stand out, highlight your career. Sharee Social Branding & Employee Advocacy workshop on January 28, 2020 from 9:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. Why does employee personal branding contribute to social branding and the company’s e-reputation? Registration Therefore, one objective: That we know clearly why to follow you… Listening, understanding what is being said on social networks. Therefore, valuable source for always redirecting, developing one’s monitoring, one’s editorial line. Trusting oneself in the messages that one transmits, to ultimately become a source of inspiration, and its own influencer.

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