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Blogs And Other Useful

Me a follower of news dietitian Dobelli? New. The paradox of ‘The Media Diet’ is that the thin booklet is just as snackable as the news the Swiss write about. There are a bit too many click baits in Iceland Phone Number List it disguised as soundbites that deter you from doing serious work on your own news overload. “News is poison to your body”, “news shrinks your mind” or “anger is triggered by news consumption.

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Are not really cheerful. Have a news lunch It looks like a dystopia with mega high acidity. While it is a wake-up call. Will Dobelli remain in a swampy swamp or will he offer solutions? Yes, of course! The ‘news lunches’ are a very nice and pragmatic idea. You can hide your panini behind a screen, but you can also have lunch with a journalist or expert. Everyone gets fifteen minutes to tell something about their field or to outline a.

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Problem Result you return to your office cheerfully and you also receive new insights. The misery surrounding corona news full of moral panic leaves you outside the door. So don’t click on the article ’10 Things that make the supermarket the worst place on earth but plan a lunch for intelligent content, people, and healthy food outside.



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