Blocking Ghost Referrer Spam Through an .

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Blocking Ghost Referrer Spam Through an .

Htaccess file does not work , you can only use the technique mentioned above to separate yourself from this data which pollutes your statistics. How to block Crawler Spam Referrer? Crawlers are robots that actually access your website . To limit the Crawler Spam Referrer on your Google Analytics view, you can first block all the robots identified in the robots.txt via the command:During the SMX Advanced in Seattle, Maile Ohye announced that websites with interstitials could very soon be penalized by Google! Maile Ohye, Developer Programs Tech Lead at Google made a remark that had the effect of a little bomb in the middle of SEO and

web marketing. Indeed, if Google already penalizes flash sites , sites that block the display of CSS/Javascript resources , doorway pages , as well as low quality content via its last update of last May and the next update Google Panda 4.2 update which should soon see the Norway whatsapp number list of day, Google could soon begin to penalize sites that have interstitials ! Maile Ohye spoke to SMX saying that interstitials are detrimental to the user experience of internet users . Google engineers are currently thinking about implementing actions to reduce the use of interstitials, so they could decide to penalize websites offering this type of format, whether advertising or self-promotional. The exact quote from Maile Ohye at SMX:

“Interstitials Are Bad for Users, So Be

Aware this is something we are thinking about” Summary : Reminder: what is the interstitial? Interstitial The interstitial with Facebook Like Box on An interstitial is an advertising or self-promotional format that appears above the content of a web page in the form of an insert highlighted on a gray surface . On Leptidigital, for example, we opted to display an interstitial to promote our Facebook page . If we are aware of the irritation that this can generate with our visitors, the volume of likes has increased considerably since its implementation, proving the interest of these formats for website publishers. Interstitials: what interests.

for webmasters? Beyond their use to display advertising, interstitials are very useful for webmasters when it comes to self-promotion or collecting emails. Indeed, the inserts located in the sidebars are often very little seen and clicked by Internet users, the interstitial is therefore a very good way to boost the volume of emails collected or the number of likes on a Facebook page . Interstitials are also used to promote applications, Google strongly advises against this use to webmasters , recommending instead a highlight that does not block the actions of users on mobile. Interstitials and user experience By definition, an Internet user who

Browses the Web Is Looking for Information,

He wishes to access the content sought directly and as quickly as possible. The interstitial therefore cuts off the action of the Internet user who may experience some frustration. Opinions posted on your Google My Business page Optimizing your My Business page is still essential in 2015 to position. Yourself well on Google’s local results, especially since Google only displays 3 local results per search. The impact of social signals in local SEO according to this study, the power of your Google account. The number of likes on your Facebook page (and its publications). As well as the number of followers on your Twitter account will local positioning of your pages.

The behavior of Internet users towards your site and your company. The CTR (click through rate or click rate in French) recorded on your local results. An impact (positive or negative) on your future positioning. The number of “check-ins” recorded via Facebook or Foursquare can also help Google determine the relevance of a local result. So it is interesting for a physical store, restaurant, hotel or bar to invite its visitors to do it. Personalization in local SEO: personalizing your website according to the location. Internet users is the 8th most important local positioning factor according to this new Moz study.

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