“Blocked Resources”: Google Webmaster Tools Unveils a New Tool!

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“Blocked Resources”: Google Webmaster Tools Unveils a New Tool!

Google Webmaster Tools has just unveiled a brand new report allowing webmasters to clearly identify the resources blocked by their Robots.txt file. Google recommends for a better referencing not to block Javascript, CSS and images resources , you will now be able to know precisely which resources are inaccessible for Google Bot. Summary : Which resources are blocked by the robots.txt file? To be able to correctly index your content, Google needs to have access to all of your website’s resources, including images, CSS and Javascript files.

These files allow Google to see how the average Internet user views a web page. If a site’s robots.txt file does not allow Google Bot to crawl these resources, then Google will not be able to correctly detect the overall appearance of the pages, which can have negative Qatar whatsapp number list on the SEO positioning of the latter. With this new “Blocked Resources” tool , Google Webmaster Tools wants to help webmasters visualize which resources are blocked and causing problems for indexing by Google Bot . What information is provided in this new report? This new report of blocked resources comes in addition to the robots.txt test tool , it provides interesting information on the blocked resources on your site which are nevertheless very useful

For a Good Indexing of the Content by Google Bot.

Google Blocked Resource Hosts On the main page of the report, Webmaster Tools offers a trend graph of the number of pages that contain blocked resources . The report then provides you with a table of all hosts that have pages affected by blocked resources. The report may include more than one host, your site will be the first but you will also probably have other hosts depending on the plugins and external resources used on your site (Google advises you to focus on your host first because it is the one on which you have control to carry out the possible changes).

Google problems resources To access the more detailed report, you will need to click on the host of your choice. This report will then show you in detail all the resources blocked on that particular host . By clicking on a particular blocked resource, you will be able to clearly. Which pages are impacted by this resource . As with every Webmaster Tools report, an export feature is available to. Process the data outside of Webmaster Tools. Blocked Resource Pages By clicking. On a page, Google Webmaster Tools will provide you with the procedure to follow to correctly correct the problem.

The Final Step Will Be to Modify Your Robots

File to authorize the resources essential to Google. Fix Google Blocked Resources How do I access this new blocked resources report? To access this report, you must already have linked your website with a Google Webmaster Tools account. Compared to 45% of SEOs who work for advertisers and 39% of independent SEOs. SEOs at advertisers to best paid since nearly 20% of them earn more than €45K annually.

(required for display) alternateName this field is optional but gives Google an alternative. If names could be suitable for your company in particular (optional). The technologies used must be mobile compatible: flash sites that cannot viewed. From mobile devices mobile compatible according to bing, just like google, which penalizes them. Web pages containing videos that cannot be viewed on mobile will also not be considered mobile-friendly search engine. Bing finally informs us that other factors will be taken into account in this mobile-friendly update. The display of pop-ups in the pages could for example negatively impact a site .

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