Bing Has Just Unveiled a Brand New Web Platform Allowing Any

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Bing Has Just Unveiled a Brand New Web Platform Allowing Any

Webmaster to request the inclusion of their site in Bing News. Called Bing News PubHub, this new portal is now accessible to everyone. With more than 20% of search market share in the United States , Bing is the only search engine to really compete with Google in many countries of the world. Although Google has offered a Google News center for publishers since 2014, Bing has not until now given publishers the possibility of submitting their own application for listing in Bing News . With the all-new Bing News PubHub portal , any content publisher will now be able to submit their site for integration with Bing News .

Summary : Why request the inclusion of his site in Bing News via the. News bing news network Beyond visibility in. Bing mobile and desktop search results listed in Bing News also allows publishers to make their articles visible to many Windows 10 users via Cortana. The Ecuador WhatsApp Number List referenced on Bing News will also be accessible to all users of Outlook and its News Connector. Finally, Bing’s Android and iOS apps also display articles referenced in Bing News. With millions of monthly users, the Bing search engine and its additional platforms can thus attract a significant audience to the referenced news sites.

What Sites Are Accepted on Bing News?

Before validating a request for inclusion, Bing will base itself on 4 important points to judge its relevance or not. The content must be exclusively related to news: the accepted sites will be sites which exclusively publish news (sites which publish tutorials, job offers, advice or articles announcing promotions on products will not be accepted). The content must be original: needless to remind you that you should not copy the content of another site and hope to go up in Bing News with the latter. Beyond unique content, Bing prioritizes sources that cover information that other sources cover less.


Google has just launched a new mobile and desktop load time testing tool called. My Site and hosted on the domain name Using some of the results from ​​Insights. Google’s new speed test tool offers a reworked user interface for less experienced users. Giving access to 3 scores (mobile loading time, desktop and mobile compatibility. This new tool made in Google allows any Internet user whether novice or experienced. To view a summary of the data that the tool brings up much more comprehensive ​​Insights. Google test my site The operation of this new Google speed test tool could not simpler going to this address.

User Only Has to Insert Any Url to Be Tested and Click on “

Test Now While the report is loading Google offers Internet users some interesting. Data to show the importance of mobile in 2016. The search engine recalls in particular that now more searches are carried out on smartphones than on computers . Google also tells us that a user is times more likely to leave a site if it is not mobile-friendly . Once the report is loaded. Here is the interface offered this new Google tool: google speed test tool.  A summary is first offered to the user. So that he can know at a glance where his site is at the level of Its mobile compatibility its mobile loading time its loading time on computers google speed test report.

The only real novelty compared to the Page Speed ​​Insights tool. Google’s Test My Site” tool allows the user to receive a detailed report. Email which he then very easily transfer to his developer or agency in charge of the SEO optimization of its website. Clicking on the detail of the scores Google offers three colors to inform the user on. What he should correct in priority google mobile speed test. If this new tool seems interesting at first glance. Unlike Pag ​​Insights which perhaps offers a slightly less ergonomic user interface, this tool does not give.

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