Being a Happily Single and Independant Woman After Leaving a nasty Marriage

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Being a Happily Single and Independant Woman After Leaving a nasty Marriage

Life sure is filled with twists and turns, sometimes taking us in directions we never expected to travel in. within the 1960’s, once I was born, little girls were groomed to depend upon men for a satisfying family life. Learning to cook, clean and be ladylike were the norm some time past . Watching Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and other lovely Disney movies, we waited for our handsome princes to return take us away. For me, that never Jamaica phone number list happened. Looking fashionable and cooking gourmet meals on behalf of me n just didn’t roll in the hay for me, somehow. I kept my figure, wore high heels and pretty dresses, had my hair done every eight weeks and did the entire Step ford Wife thing (I can make a kiler batch of cookies), but felt totally unfulfilled and wiped out . My husband always found things to complain about, regardless of what I did. I felt unappreciated and bored within the lifestyle i assumed I’d wanted right along .

Marriage in itself may be a fine institution for those for whom it figured out in. In my case, my marriage was disappointing, and a lesson in self-preservation. That picture-perfect husband of mine seemed like he walked off a model’s runway somewhere, but behind that dazzling, pretty face was the guts of a chilly , heartless, psychotic and dangerous monster. He morphed himself into an angry, dangerous drug and alcohol addict, after spending an excessive amount of time together with his womanizing, drunk friends. I divorced him after enduring a roller coaster of problems, threats and his infidelities. Enough was enough. After trying to urge him help, with no success, i noticed he wasn’t getting to recover , and concluded that if I valued my life, I had to travel and not reminisce . His putting a knife to my throat was the aggravation . That was ten years ago.

After my marriage ended, i used to be in my thirties, footloose and fancy free. Going out with my other single or divorced friends, we had tons of fun going dancing, and bent restaurants together. We met up hebdomadally in downtown Cleveland high-class watering holes, then would leave to eat afterwards. Together, we visited places like Jamaica, Mexico and other exotic travel destinations, only for fun. I even lived in Mexico for 2 years, which was an adventure I’ll always remember . As time went on, one by one, my friends and that i all started dating new men and saw one another less often. My next boyfriend lived in another city, and that i moved there to be with him afterward . Big mistake.

My last relationship lasted for 2 years to a compulsively lying, traveling salesman who it clothed had more ex-wives then he’d told me about. During his travels, he attached with women, and was eventually busted later, once I found phone numbers and makeup on his shirts. He had excuses for everything, but I learned he couldn’t be trusted and left. He freaked out and stabbed my hand with a fork as I removed . He was put in jail and that i got a restraining order out against him as I moved distant and never looked back. Good riddance.

A few years later, here I am, happily single and pleased with it. My life is full and complete, and i am happier now than I ever was as a girlfriend or wife. Why is it so wonderful to be alone, you’ll ask? For starters, if i would like so far , I can, but b2c phone list I can head home to my very own place afterwards. No worries about making dinner nightly . I can and do, eat cereal for dinner, without ridicule. Captain Crunch is my favorite. My dotage has arrived. I even have the entire bed to myself (except for my cats, who sleep on my feet). If i would like to require a visit , I just grab a lover and off we go. No long lectures about how that sort of thing is frivolous. I make enough money to measure well, and do what i would like .

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