Awards For Motherboard Manufacturer ASUS

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Awards For Motherboard Manufacturer ASUS

With over 8000 people employed all over the world in locations like Taiwan, USA, Canada, Bangladesh, India, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, South America, Turkey, UAE, Vietnam, Italy, United Kingdom, Spain, Poland, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, and Hungary, ASUS has become one of the top leading computer motherboard manufacturers.

They have received several awards over the years and are proud to admit that 55 million of their motherboards were shipped in 2006. Their estimation is that one out of every three computers contained one their motherboards. A few  Spain Consumer Phone List awards that ASUS boast of are listings in Business Weeks “Info Tech 100”, and being listed as #1 by the Wall Street Journal for quality products and services.

They have developed a wide variety of motherboards for high end, mainstream, and value consumers. NVIDIA, Intel, ATI, SiS, and ULI all incorporate their chipsets into these motherboards.

The “Energy Processing Unit” or (EPU) was recently added to the ASUS motherboard. This helps motherboards use less power and lessens startup time to 5 seconds. You can quickly access the Internet without having to access the hard disk or wait for Windows to boot up. Another feature that benefits ASUS motherboards is the CPU coolers. This disperses computer heat efficiently. The Lion Square CPU cooler can reduce CPU heat by up to 30%. Helping computer systems to last longer.

While motherboards are their biggest product seller, they also produce computers, notebooks, audio cards, “Eee PC”, graphic cards, LCD monitors, networking devices, storage devices, PDA’s, servers, web cams, and mobile phones.

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ASUS even received awards for notebook manufacturing. They were the first in the world to achieve TCO ’99 certification. This means they have meet all the criteria needed for radiation emission control, battery consumption, ergonomics, and ecology certification.

They also delivered a very petite laptop computer to the market. This light weight laptop, called the Eee PC, measures only 7 inches. This on the go computer has power efficiency, built in wireless, and has quick start up time.

Expanding even more into the technological world, ASUS has gotten into Internet Radio. With this product you can connect wirelessly to the b2c phone list  Internet and listen to thousands of radio stations around the world. This product does not require a computer, it is just a small device that can accomplish this on its own. An added benefit to this is the ability to connect a MP3 player via a port for play back from this device.


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