Attention Are the New Standard

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Attention Are the New Standard

You can exert a positive influence on this by being transparent, offering extra education, and offering the most relevant content. How do you know if you are indeed transparent and relevant Spain Phone Number List enough? Unfortunately, based on a few studies, I cannot prescribe a golden formula that tells you exactly how to make a perfect native advertisement. I believe this is not an exact science.

These Expectations Have Now

I do share all studies in a practical white paper. For inspiration and I give tips on how you can get started to research/test this yourself. There is a future for native ads, I hope that you as an advertiser or news website test (and continue to test) whether your content is really transparent and relevant enough. I also think that news websites should carefully guard their boundaries.

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That means they may have to reject certain advertisers because they want to distribute unethical content, for example. They also really need to make the label sufficiently transparent. Even if there may be slightly fewer people clicking on the article. This is important to ensure that readers don’t feel negative about native ads (and may be unwilling to click on them in the future).

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