As with Every Webmaster Tools Report, an Export Feature Is

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As with Every Webmaster Tools Report, an Export Feature Is

Available to you so that you can process the data outside of Webmaster Tools. Blocked Resource Pages By clicking on a page, Google Webmaster Tools will provide you with the procedure to follow to correctly correct the problem , the final step will be to modify your robots.txt file to authorize the resources essential to Google. Fix Google Blocked Resources How do I access this new blocked resources report? To access this report, you must already have linked your website with a Google Webmaster Tools account. If this is already the case, you can go directly to this address or access it via Webmaster Tools in the “Google Index” section then “Blocked Resources”While popularity, via links, remains one of the main positioning factors on Google

today, scientists are working on a new way of ranking pages by relevance! Summary : Knowledge Based Trust: what if backlinks become less important in the future? In its effort to fight spam and the manipulation of its algorithm, Google is currently working on the Knowledge Sri lanka whatsapp number list Trust, a new system for ranking websites in its natural search results . This new positioning system would be based on the veracity of the content published on a web page. Based on a KnowledgeBase (knowledge base), an algorithm would be able to detect when content provides true information and conversely, when a page provides incorrect information. Once the results have been analyzed, Google’s objective would be to highlight the websites that would provide the information closest to that considered by Google to be true.

A Classification Average Relevance of the

Information shared could then see the light of dayon certain queries… In the future, a website could thus have its own veracity (or relevance) score, just as it currently has a PageRank score calculated on the popularity of its content. Already conclusive tests? The authors of the study have already conducted tests on more than 2.8 billion pieces of data extracted from the web . These tests would have proved conclusive according to them, they would have made it possible to predict the rate of veracity of the content of more than 119 million web pages and more than 5.6 million websites.

Limits of Google’s Knowledge Based Trust If factual content that currently goes up in the Knowledge. Graph processed this new algorithm it is difficult to imagine how Google will be able to deploy this functionality. To all content on the web . How will Google treat news articles, research articles, etc.? How will Google be able to deal with all content that is not based on recognized facts? If this new element of classification by relevance were to see the light of day, it could probably come in addition to the classification of results by PageRank but could not replace it.

An Algorithmic Update Dedicated to Mobile Results Is Coming!

When surfing the Internet from a mobile phone, we expect to find results optimized. For our mobile devices, or so Google thinks. If the mobile optimization of a site becomes essential for the user experience. This factor will now be just as important to ensure good positioning in the natural results of Google Mobile. Starting April 21, 2015, Google will be rolling out an algorithm update dedicated to mobile results . This update will be deployed on all versions of Google. In all languages ​​and the changes to be expected significant according to. The announcement published on the Google Webmaster blog .

Google’s objective with this update dedicated to mobile will likely to promote. Websites that are both the most suitable for mobile devices but also the fastest to load . For webmasters who do not yet have a mobile site, this algorithmic update could have a negative impact on their traffic from mobile devices. On the other hand, for companies and webmasters more advanced on mobile compatibility. This new algorithm could well have positive impacts on the positioning of their website in the mobile serps and therefore on their mobile traffic. If the optimization of a site for mobile devices becomes very critical for SEO.

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