As Always, John Mueller Advises to Focus on Quality

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As Always, John Mueller Advises to Focus on Quality

Content to attract natural links , while facilitating the sharing of the link of your article using a widget on your site in particular. John Mueller also specifies that it is necessary to ensure, as far as possible, to make your URL easy to copy-paste … John will end by recalling that if the links are always taken into account by Google, they are only one part of the more than 200 positioning factors that the search engine crosses to determine the positioning of websites in its natural results. Should we continue to risk linkbuilding? If John reiterates Google’s warning against artificial linking systems, it is still possible to find quality backlinks .

The online magazine SearchEngineJournal has contacted Google about this, the mountain view firm has confirmed that it is making “tweaks” to its algorithm without mentioning any updates concerning Google Panda 4.1 , Google Penguin 3 or Hummingbird and. The Switzerland whatsapp number list  shook on February 5, 2015! Serpometer February 5 Like seismographs adapted to Google’s natural results, many SEO tools captured the significant fluctuations in SERPs on February 5th. The Ranks serpometer was at level 7, only one point lower than on the date of the Google Penguin 3 update . prices were , once again, the target of this algorithmic update from Google . E-commerce sites and comparators impacted on brand queries?

Searchmetrics Has Seen Many Fluctuations in Brand Queries ,

Many e-commerce sites, price comparison sites and classifieds sites would. Impacted by this update by seeing themselves downgraded on brand-related keywords. Brand sites, on the other hand. Would do very well, with the exception of a few sites in the clothing industry. Google would thus like, through this new update, to favor branded sites to the detriment of commercial sites that would like to position themselves on brand queries to profit commercially. While Google still recommends websites to create separate URLs and domains for each language for SEO optimization, some sites automatically modify content based on geolocation.

Google has just announced that it is now able to crawl and index this type of content! Summary : Google now able to crawl a site with different local IPs! While Google has so far been content to crawl and index the content of a site in its main language without taking into account the display of different content depending on the country, Google has just announced on its blog that it was now able to crawl automatically displayed content based on a user’s regional IP . If Google’s recommendations do not change to optimize a site internationally (Different extensions (or subdomains this announcement.

Proves Google’s Desire to Better Understand the Websites

That offer their content in several languages ​​according to the visitor’s IP and this. Without having to change the domain name extension. Please note the fact that Google is now able to crawl this type of content. Does not mean that it will favor the positioning of the sites concerned. However these same sites may hope to see their content indexed in different languages. What processes will Google use to crawl these sites accessible in several languages ​​depending on the IPs. While until now Google used a single American IP to crawl all websites with its. Google Bot  Google now use many different IPs from many countries to crawl websites and local users .

To crawl websites taking regional settings into account. Google will use two types of crawling configuration: Geodistributed exploration. The Google robot will use in addition to the American IP many local IPs to crawl websites according to their geographical location. While Adwords advertisements are taking up more and more space in search results. The SEO click-through rate is decreasing depending on the Adwords formats used, this new study by Advanced Web Ranking on SEO CTR confirms this. We talk in this article a lot about the impact of. Adwords advertisements because they are the ones that were mainly studied in this study.

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