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Are Essential To The success

Stimulus packages are also arriving too late in many other countries. This ‘ helicopter money ‘ (as Milton Friedman so beautifully describes it) could have been perfectly distributed via a ‘Central Lithuania Phone Number List Bank Digital Currency. This is a digital Dollar or Euro, issued by governments. All major governments are now working on the development. Even though the Bahamas was the first CBDC with its Sanddollar

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The Bank for International Settlements (pdf) expects 10% of governments to come up with some (form of) CBDC next year. The Chinese government is leading the way in this and recently indicated that it has accelerated the rollout due to corona. The economic powerhouse has already conducted dozens of experiments with its Digital Currency Electronic Payment (DCEP) among citizens and businesses.

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This is almost ready for a worldwide rollout. The European Central Bank will make a clear decision on the Digital Euro in January 2021. It will be interesting to see which countries come up with this as well. And whether the idea of ​​a ‘ synthetic hegemonic currency ‘ (a global digital currency) has any chance of success. bitcoin money smartphone Trend 3. The catechization of our society Blockchain.

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