App Store Optimization (Aso): Definition, Presentation and Best Practices!

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App Store Optimization (Aso): Definition, Presentation and Best Practices!

You have developed an app, or you work for an advertiser who has an app, and you want to boost downloads of the latter from the App Store and Google Play Store? The App Store Optimization or ASO is a lever to study and optimize! Presentation and best practices. On average, every 24 hours, 4,375 applications arrive on the Google Play Store and 1,082 on the Apple App Store. How can we bring out a mobile application of this mass in order to monopolize a percentage, even a derisory one, of these 539 million application downloads from all stores?

What is App Store Optimization To put it simply, app store optimization is doing. SEO on stores that reference all mobile applications to ensure that a mobile application stands. Out on the right keywords searched by Internet users  mainly on Google Play Apple Store  b2c telemarketing data and App Store. Optimization also means placing an application as high as possible in the global Tops and the Tops of the category in which it integrated. Even thinking about ASO and submitting your application to the Stores.

Definition: What Is App Store Optimization?

Having a useful application with a good user experience and above all without bugs is essential (it seems obvious. But the ASO cannot not work miracles if an application is full of bugs and unusable). Choose your submission category carefully . When submitting an application you must choose a category which will determine. The section in which mobile users will be able to find your application. Ask yourself the right questions, study the competition and take the time to study all the possibilities and their advantages disadvantages before you start (2 possible strategies:


Leader or Challenger). Optimize your icon to boost your CTR . The icon can play an important role in optimizing the click rate on the application in the search results of the stores. The more it will worked the more it will potentially make mobile. Users want to click it and therefore discover and download it the app. The  main factors that impact the positioning of an application in the stores. Note the following positioning factors are not ranked in order of importance. And only offer a sample of everything that must be optimized to optimize its ASO .

Aso: 3 Best Practices Before Getting Started

Just like SEO there are many positioning factors that more or less impact the positions of applications. In the search results of application stores  here we will present the factors. That have the greatest impact on the results the more likely it will be to end up in the top App Stores and thus gain significant organic visibility. The volume of downloads necessary to reach the top strongly. Depends on the country in which you are, but here is an overview of the number of downloads necessary to reach the tops in France.

The name of the application : if your application contains the word Analytics it will naturally have. A better chance of positioning itself in the search results when a user searches for. Google Analytics  for example The app’s average rating and the number of reviews the more your app is rated and well. The more likely it is to rise in the rankings and search results. Retention and level of engagement with the application the more users use an application. The more likely it is to end up in the top applications.

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