And I See A Lot Of Organizations

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And I See A Lot Of Organizations

This also helps screen reader users understand what is in an image or what a form field is for. In Word, you will find this when you right-click on the image, under Edit Alt Text. Alt text screen for images  Honduras Phone Number List in Word. A nice overview of how to do this in different versions of Word can  found at this link from Microsoft. With InDesign, you will find this if you have clicked on the image under Object > Export options for the object.

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Screen to add alternate text to images in InDesign 4. Recognizable Elements For users who navigate with a keyboard or use a screen reader, the structure of your document is very important for accessibility. They jump from element to element. Styles and codes allow you to identify the element in your document so that screen readers can identify it. Think of headings, sections, paragraphs, bulleted lists, and tables.

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Honduras Phone Number List

For example it is important that headings are formatted as heading and that lists are formatted as bulleted lists. 5. Proper Reading Order Have a user read your document to a screen reader? Then it is nice if your document is also read in the correct order. This sometimes goes wrong. Your heading structure is good if you let your word processor generate a table of contents and your table.

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