Analyzing Your Backlinks With Search Console: a Few Reminders From John Mueller

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Analyzing Your Backlinks With Search Console: a Few Reminders From John Mueller

When he deems it relevant. Google’s algorithms determine based on user requests and the types of content displayed.  Whether or not it is relevant to display to users the publication or update date associated with the page. Do you have the date that appears in Google? Not entirely  but it is possible to help.  Google choose and display the correct date in search results. How to help Google choose the right date to display in its search results.  To favor the display of a date in the search results.  There are two possibilities Add a clearly visible date throughout the site (at the beginning of the content.  For example if you choose this option  it is important that the date is always placed in .  Place on your pages to help Google detect it and retrieve it.

For structured data markup with Schema  if you opt for this option, Google prefers.  Markup but you can also opt for html integration. You must then use the and date Modified schema using the correct time zone indicator for  and non-AMP pages. Google specifies that by opting for this technique you must use the ISO 8601 format for. Your tagged dates in order to promote free spain phone number proper consideration by Google. Here is an example of a date in (corresponds to March 13 at 6 a.m.) Once your markup is in place, you can test it by copying and pasting the code or by asking Google to crawl a URL on your site using the structured data testing tool accessible Listed on Google News? Here are details on the display of dates.

How to Create an E-commerce Site

If a site is listed on Google News, Google asks webmasters to indicate the hour and.  When using these time indicators, you will need to be careful to indicate the time zone in the markup to help Google know the exact time it is. On the other hand, the integrated content must be as neat as possible in order to bring real added value to the visitor. If you choose to automate (partially or completely) the writing of your categories, you will need to carefully check many categories to ensure the readability and relevance of the texts generated. How do I add relevant content to product categories?

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Content is essential for Google to understand what a page is about. However, there are many ways to add relevant content to product categories and not all of these techniques are necessarily limited exclusively to adding text (at the top or bottom of the page). We must not forget that for Google, images ( properly optimized for Google Images ) and videos are also content . Thus Internet users who are looking for paintings for example may be interested in . Links to related product subcategories links to tutorial videos explaining how to properly paint a room.  A piece of furniture etc. by ideas for using these paintings (inspiration pictures)

By Essential Complementary Products

by explanations on the advantages of such and such products, their origin, their commitments for the environment (eg: paints made from algae) through a footer text that does not affect the readability of the offer product contextualized reinsurance elements (on the company, delivery, payment, data protection, etc.) In summary, Google often recommends that SEOs ask themselves questions and put themselves in the shoes of the Internet users they are targeting, focusing above all on user experience and search intent .

If you do not yet have an online sales site and you want to embark on the adventure soon, then the following few lines should be of interest to you… Indeed the creation of an online sales site does not should clearly not be taken lightly. And it is not uncommon to sometimes see certain online store projects fall through because of poor technical or more strategic choices.  site that meets your needs . And in particular that of making a site that can offer several categories of products…

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