Amp Stories: Google Launches a New Amp Content Format!

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Amp Stories: Google Launches a New Amp Content Format!

AMP stories are a new format of AMP content that each publisher can now create to provide. Internet users with a new type of immersive and interactive content accessible. Directly from Google search results tested in preview by American publishers like. Wired stories are now accessible to everyone Just like Instagram and Snapchat stories. AMP stories can include text  images and videos. Very largely inspired by Instagram and Snapchat stories AMP stories differ in several points:

These are real web pages indexed by Google and highlighted in the search engine’s search results. When a user searches from his smartphone for the name of a media offering this new type of AMP content. AMP stories are hosted on the publisher’s site, so thai phone number search they can be shared by email or via social networks to be viewed from anywhere. Just from Google A new content format originally designed for mobile. AMP stories can also be viewed from computers  like Instagram stories google amp stories computer.  AMP stories can also be viewed and shared from computers.  Here is an example of an AMP story created by Wired accessible from a computer.

How to Create Amp Stories?

What promotion for AMP stories in Google For the moment AMP stories are only featured in a new dedicated carousel called Visual stories from. This new insert is currently only visible during a search associated with the name of a publisher offering this type of. This new carousel comes in addition to the AMP carousel dedicated to classic articles and therefore does not replace it. Stories & wired example Preview of the new visual stories” carousel that highlights a publisher’s AMP stories.


To test the promotion in Google and the operation of this new AMP format from your smartphone, you just have to click here . Still in the test phase. Google plans to highlight this new AMP content format more prominently in its search results and through its other products in the future. How to create AMP stories? Google provides publishers wishing to test this new content format with AMP story templates that can then be customized. To learn more about creating this new type of AMP content.

What Promotion for Amp Stories in Google?

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