Amp: Google Will Penalize Misuse From 2022!

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Amp: Google Will Penalize Misuse From 2022!

While the AMP format has already attracted 25 million domains since its launch in 2015. In a recent blog post published on November 16, 2017. Google announced that it will penalize, from February 1, 2018, all sites that do not create and do not serve equivalent AMP versions, content level. To the original page in mobile version (the one that receives a canonical from the page in AMP version). Concretely, in its best practices and recommendations. Google has always indicated that AMP pages must be identical to the original pages in terms of content .

However, this did not prevent some from trying to play a little with good practices to try to make the most of the visibility granted by AMP while dubai mobile no redirecting Internet users to the mobile version of their site with a much better experience. richer (especially in advertising and tracking).

Once the Manual Action as Initiated Google:

which displayed only a few paragraphs of the article before inviting visitors to click on a button which.  On click, redirected to the classic responsive mobile version. To justify this additional action requested from Internet users and which necessarily has a negative impact on the user experience. NBC indicated in its CTA that it was to obtain a “complete experience”. Understand, read the entire article and be targeted


From February 1, 2018, it is precisely this type of practice that Google will sanction in its search results . What concrete impacts for sites that do not comply with Google’s AMP recommendations? Starting February 1, 2018, Google will send manual action notifications via Search Console to all non-compliant sites . By the time the latter come into compliance with Google’s recommendations, they will no longer be able to benefit from the visibility boost granted to AMP pages in Google search results.

All Advertisements Available on the Mobile Version and Not in the Amp Version.

Remove all AMP versions of these sites from AMP carousels and its “Featured” inserts Will automatically redirect AMP pages accessible in mobile search results to the traditional mobile version Google hopes that this change will encourage webmasters and publishers to think about user experience while keeping exactly the same content between the AMP version and the original version.

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