Amp Carousel Top Stories Google Images!

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Amp Carousel Top Stories Google Images!

Until now the search engine required developers to embed in the Image property of the Schema. Article markup of AMP pages images that were at least 648 pixels wide and had a minimum. Resolution of  pixels (this resolution is obtained by multiplying the width of the image in pixels by its height). Google has just changed its recommendations to now ask developers to add images to the. That are at least 1200 pixels wide and with a resolution greater than  pixels google amp image recommendations.

Google has indeed not updated the section dedicated to images of non. Google has not yet officially communicated on this change and we therefore korean mobile in pakistan  do not have more information. On the possible impacts to be expected Lighthouse is an open-source automated audit tool developed .Google to point out possible improvements to web pages (especially in terms of web performance). Available both via the Chrome Developer section or via a free Chrome extension. Lighthouse has so far made it possible to carry out 4 audits: web performance audit.

These New Recommendations Apply for the

Audit dedicated to Progressive Web Apps Accessibility Audit Audit more on good practices. A new  SEO audit” section on Lighthouse From now on  the. Google Lighthouse extension also offers the possibility of carrying out a basic SEO audit of a web page. Analyzing these different elements the presence of the meta name viewport tag with the presence of the  attribute. The presence of a tag in the page meta description in the page HTTP code of the page use of descriptive anchors for internal links.


The indexability of the page presence or not of a meta noindex for example. The presence or not of a and the correct writing of the latter. The presence or not of a canonical and the good writing of the latter although it is for the moment very basic elements. Google specifies that this is only a beginning and that Lighthouse will soon allow to analyze more. SEO elements you can also send your comments to the Lighthouse development team directly on.

How to Launch an Seo Audit of a Web Page with Google Lighthouse?

To run a basic SEO audit of a web page with the Lighthouse extension simply download and install the.  Options select the  SEO option then validate by clicking on. Generate Report Once the page has been analyzed, Lighthouse will then present you with a report that looks like this. Lighthouse seo audit results here is an example of an SEO audit result carried out via the. Lighthouse extension If elements are to corrected the extension displays the details of the elements that are problematic on click.

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