Although Content Seems to Be Google’s Primary Focus.

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Although Content Seems to Be Google’s Primary Focus.

Here are some criteria that could be at the origin of the recent fluctuations. Poor content code ratio too low and little unique content. Per page (less than 300 words for example) Duplicate content  internally or externally. For example, if your site has too many lists of items that are found in many pages in the same form (the case of price comparators but also of online stores). Too much spam  if your site has too many comments with links redirecting to low .Quality sites (even if they are nofollow). Automatically generated content if your site uses automatic content generation techniques, you could also be impacted. Concealed content and or links if your site uses cloaking techniques Hacked site.

If your site has been hacked, it may gradually disappear from Google’s natural results. Google could also integrate quality criteria related to. UX if it finds that the time spent on the pages is low or that the bounce rate is high Ivory Coast WhatsApp Number List to adjust its results ( guesses ). The click rate in the natural results has been debated for a long time in the. SEO community if Google does not officially communicate on this point, it could indeed one factor among many others. HTTPS : Is Google starting to promote secure sites more significantly. Part of this new update could be about that ( guesses ).

Mobile Compatibility Google May Have Also

Updated its algorithm dedicated to mobile compatibility to make it stricter. For all of Google’s site quality advice, the only official source is this one . Most of the elements mentioned above are only food for thought that can help you identify the problem. For its part, Google communicates mainly on the fact that you should continue to produce very good quality content for Internet users . It therefore seems obvious that the main target of this type of quality update is poor content. If you have observed recent fluctuations on your sites, do not hesitate to tell us about them in the comments so that we can have more information for France. Google is going to put an end to the PageRank Toolbar.

The data will not only no longer be updated as the case for a few years. They will soon no longer displayed at all. If you still use the Google PageRank Toolbar today to determine the popularity of a site or a page, know that this indicator will soon no longer visible at all. Google had already announced in 2014 that this PageRank Toolbar would no longer updated with the latest internal data. Now they want to completely disable the feature not displaying any data (we don’t have a precise date but it will come in the next weeks).

Google Will Continue to Update Its Internal

PageRank calculation for the pages of all websites very regularly. The latter will simply stop sharing historical data (which already dates back a few years). PageRank therefore remains today and surely remain for many years to come, a very important internal indicator for. Google when it comes to ranking websites in its natural results, even if many other positioning factors are increasing. more and more weight. Why this ad the PageRank in the form of the indicator that we know. Updated for a few years domainers still use it as an indicator among others when they sell domains.

A practice prohibited by Google’s quality guidelines. The purchase of expired domains for SEO purposes or for selling links could therefore. Directly targeted by this ad, even if this in itself will not change much for buyers. Still this PageRank artificially inflated via 301 redirects in particular. And even if it did not indicate whether the domain was penalized or not. If from now on the Trust Flow and the Citation Flow are much more followed indicators by the SEOs.

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