Also Encourage Them to Take Action

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Also Encourage Them to Take Action

looking for a new story. That story should clarify who they really are and what they stand for. At the same time,  Namibia Phone Number List organizations have to adapt to circumstances that have changed radically. So look for new solutions. For many organizations, this is not only the end of ‘business as usual, but also a transformation into.

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something else. A different revenue model, a different target group, a different raison d’être. Storytelling is an important part of that transformation, from shops to transport companies, from farmers to food banks. Those stories are now in full development. Also read Strong storytelling in times of crisisInspiring pioneers Consumers, residents.

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Namibia Phone Number List

users and other types of groups also demand different stories than before. They expect inspiring examples from organizations on how to deal with work, mobility, social activities, and much more. Many consumers are willing to adapt to restrictive measures, but then they want organizations to play a pioneering role in a practical and creative implementation. Organizations, brands, and institutions are committed to this.

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