Align With Human Emotions

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Align With Human Emotions

For example, doctors and patients can chat with each other in the BeterDichtbij app in a safe app (environment). The doctors here useful links to Thuisarts pages. These are opened in the app itself thanks to Chile Phone Number List the link with the API of Thuisarts. The keyword for the coming years is API: Application Programming Interface. API-first strategy It is important with an API-first strategy.

Automation Means Human

That all content is stored and managed in a highly structured and semantic way. Think, for example, of the information about treatment: the summary, the introduction, the various steps in the process, the associated doctors. In other words: the more structured, the better you can offer specific “chunks” of information to others.

Contact Has Become Increasingly

Chile Phone Number List

An API-first strategy is also essential in the development of PBLs (personal health environment). 6. Start experimenting – and carry it out Embrace change and innovation. And become part of it. This is the only way in which healthcare really innovates. Become part of the innovation by experimenting and being open about it. Only then will innovation occur.

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